With The Simpleology Cockpit Mark Joyner Has Outdone Himself

Ok, I admit I’m a bit slow. Mark had to send me a pretty darn funny email to remind me to go and check out the new Simpleology Cockpit. And I have just two things to say: Wow! And, thank you mark!

Simpleology has always been powerful. It is, by far, the simplest and most effective time and task management system I have ever utilized. (Although it’s far more than just a task management system). The concepts and tools embedded in the system have provided me with a simple, clear framework for accomplishing more in less time and with less stress.

And now, with the introduction of the Simpleology web cockpit, the potential effectiveness of the system has dramatically increased.

You might laugh at this, but one of the reasons (excuses?) that was getting in the way of my consistent use of the Simpleology system was the incredible amount of paper that it required: At least three sheets of paper every day just for the Daily Target Praxis (if you haven’t explored Simpleology yet, you’ll find out about the DTP when you sign up). As someone who is doing my best to contribute to a sustainable future, even though I was using both sides of the page and recycling them when I was done, I had a hard time with this.

Those days are gone. The new Simpleology web (and desktop) cockpit now handles all of the daily target praxis work, and much more, electronically. You no longer have to print out reams of Morning Brain Dump and Daily Targets sheets. It’s all handled from within the cockpit.

If you’re already using Simpleology and have not logged in to your account in a while (or if you tried it in the past and have fallen off) I highly recommend that you head over to your login page and check out the new stuff.

And here’s the most incredible thing: Simpleology, even with all of these new tools, is still free! Yes, you have the option to pay for the advanced courses and bonus material (I have and I’m glad I did) but even if you just sign up for a free Simpleology 101 account, the concepts and tools you get from that program alone will transform your life (if you use them!)

If you haven’t given Simpleology a spin yet, it has my highest recommendation. Go sign up for your free account now give it a thirty-day trial. Come back here when you’re done with the 30-day trial and post a comment about any changes you noticed.

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