Spam Commenters Might Not Be So Good At Math Afterall

Michael, the creator of the Math Spam Comment Protection Plugin left a comment on my previous post about his WordPress plugin suggesting that the spam I’m seeing could be trackbacks rather than comments.

I believe he’s right. (Sorry for doubting you). So I’m following his advice and installing the trackback validator plugin as well.

Hopefully I’ll get to a place where I’ll be able to just let comments through without holding them in moderation.

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      One Response to “Spam Commenters Might Not Be So Good At Math Afterall”

      1. ggwfung on January 14th, 2007 8:34 pm

        yeah, spam’s everywhere. Evil people. Do they really get any return out of it? I guess all it takes is one person to bite, and they’ll try to the end of their lives to con others.

        keep up the fight!


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