Great Interview With James Ray

Steve Pavlina has posted a wonderful interview with James Ray. If you don’t know, James Ray is one of the “stars” of the movie, The Secret, and has been a guest on Larry King Live and Oprah. James, along with Michael Beckwith, are the two Secret stars who will appear on Oprah today to go even deeper into the teachings of the Law of Attraction.

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      2 Responses to “Great Interview With James Ray”

      1. Mary Funderburk on February 18th, 2007 2:18 pm

        I Love that Oprah has given the world one of the most amazing metaphysical shows when she had the people on it from The Secret.
        Many of the teachers of the Secret have been my teachers for many years including Bob Proctor and Michele Blood (although she wasn’t in The Secret you can see her at and Bob is there too)
        If any one is reading this comment please believe in yourself as Oprah does and as these teachers have helped me live a better life

      2. Edward Mills on February 19th, 2007 2:18 pm

        Hi Mary

        Yes it is amazing that Oprah is helping to get this information out to the world. Thanks for being on the Leading Edge!

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