Message To Al Gore – Change The Tagline For LiveEarth

I was so excited about the previous post on Al Gore’s LiveEarth Concert that it didn’t even occur to me that something was amiss until just now.

What’s wrong about a global event to combat climate crisis you might ask? Absolutely nothing is wrong with the event. What is wrong is their focus on “Combatting Climate Crisis.”

It’s wrong for two big reasons. First, whenever you fight or combat something, you are setting up sides, right and wrong, positive and negative and entering into the endeavor from a place of adversarial perception. The last thing we need right now in our move towards sustainability is more battle.

Second, by focusing the Climate Crisis, what are they bringing global attention to? Correct, the climate crisis? From a Law of Attraction perspective, what do we want to focus global attention on? Right again, sustainability, or a clean environment or fresh air, or … well you get the idea.

So how about it Al? Would you be willing to change your tagline from The Concert to Combat Climate Crisis to something like The Concert to Create A Clean Earth?

How about if we come up with a great tagline that engages the powerful, positive focusing forces of the Law of Attraction and send it over to Al and the folks at LiveEarth?

Leave a comment below with your thought for a great tagline for this awesome event.

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      One Response to “Message To Al Gore – Change The Tagline For LiveEarth”

      1. Kiran Tikare on December 19th, 2007 3:22 am

        “Earth: Let’s Cool it!!”

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