Phil Says It’s Going To Be An Early Spring

Well Punxsutawney Phil came out of his hole this morning at 7:28am and saw his shadow. So it looks like Spring is just around the corner!

And more importantly, because today is Groundhog Day here in the US, we are also reminded of the great movie-with-a-message, Groundhog Day.

If you have not seen the movie, here’s a brief blurb about it from Wikipedia:

The 1993 comedy movie Groundhog Day takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania on this day (although the movie was actually filmed in Woodstock, Illinois). The main character (played by Bill Murray) is forced to relive the day over and over again until he can learn to give up his selfishness and become a better person. The movie consistently rates among the IMDB’s Top 250 movies as voted by users.

The message about moving away from selfishness is a great one, and it’s right in line with the video from Sakyong Mipham. But there’s another important message that sometimes gets lost.

In the film, Bill Murray has the opportunity to (notice I didn’t say “forced to” as the synopsis above did) relive one day over and over. After seeing the movie, I remember thinking, “how cool would that be?”

I was totally missing the point: We do get to relive our day, over and over again. It’s just that, unlike for Bill Murray, it appears that we’re living a different day.

But here’s the thing, we still have a brand new opportunity each and every new day, to live in a different way. We have the ability to take different actions, choose different thoughts, say different things.

We can choose kindness over selfishness, love over fear, compassion over anger. And if we don’t…if we find that we mess up one day and fall back into anger or fear or selfishness, well, guess what! We’ve got a brand new day just waiting for us when the sun comes up the next morning.

So what will you do differently today? How will you take advantage of this brand new experience to grow and change?

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