Put It In The Hands Of The Lord

A few weeks ago, as I was driving to the trail-head for an early morning wander in the woods, I tuned in to a Sunday morning gospel show on KPFA. They were playing some really fun reggae gospel music. I had never heard of reggae gospel, but the music was awesome.

One of the last songs I heard before parking at the trail-head was “Put it in the hands of the lord.” Sorry, I can’t remember who it was by but it was a great song. (If anyone knows that version, please let me know). I cranked up the volume and was jammin’ out in the car as I drove. And while I hiked, the cadence of my stride set the beat for the chorus, “Put it in the hands of the lord,” playing over and over in my head.

Since first hearing that song I’ve been thinking about the concept of faith as it relates to the Law of Attraction. This post on Attraction And Non-Attachment rekindled my interest in this topic.

It seems to me that there is much power in the practice of “putting it in the hands of the lord” and letting God or Source or the Universe handle the details of our intentions.

And, at the same time, the Law of Attraction requires us to step into a much more active role in the manifestation of our desired life experience. If we are to be successful in our Law of Attraction work we MUST become the Co-creators of our life.

Part of our work as the co-creators of our lives is to continuously seek the appropriate balance-point between setting specific intentions and leaving the details up to our non-physical co-creator.

When finding the optimal balance, it may be helpful to consider a continuum from Force to Fate.

At the Force end goals are set (note that they are not intentions at this end of the continuum) and forced into existence. At this end there is struggle and much banging of heads upon walls until, through sheer force of will the goal is reached. At this end there is competition, scarcity, and fear. There is no grace. There is no co-creation. If the goal is not met, there is always someone or some external condition that can be blamed.

At the other end of the continuum, the end of Fate, or Blind Faith, we abdicate responsibility for our lives to a “higher power.” At this end we resign ourselves to living at the mercy of our creator. We have no role in the creation or co-creation of our own lives. When “bad” things happen in our life we say “it was the will of god,” or “This was meant to happen.”

Neither of these extremes is very attractive to me. The place where I want to play is right in the center of that continuum. I want to find the sweet spot, the space of co-creation.

The sweet spot is where we take full responsibility for our role in the creation of our life experience AND acknowledge and appreciate the role that God or Source or the Universe plays in the creation process.

When we set our intentions from this sweet spot, the physical manifestation of our intentions is usually far more sublime and beautiful than anything we could have visualized.

This is why it is often suggested to add the phrase “this or something even better is now manifesting” to our intentions and affirmations.

So when you set your intentions, see if you can find that sweet spot and balance the specific outcomes with your willingness to “put it in the hands of the lord.”

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