The Backlash Has Begun – The Secret Trashed In Newsweek

If you have not yet read the series of articles on the Secret in this week’s edition of Newsweek, get ready for some backlash. It was bound to happen, and we’ve certainly seen some of this already. But now that the Secret has been on Oprah and Larry King Live and is gaining traction in the mainstream media, we are going to see more widespread and vociferous disagreement about the concepts contained within the the Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, the movie The Secret, while a wonderful introduction to the Law of Attraction, is not a completely accurate reflection of all of the important concepts. So the critics who watch the Secret will be able to grab onto to some of the holes in the presentation in order to discredit the entire LoA concept.

On the bright side, and there always is a bright side, anything, including negative publicity, that gets the concepts of the Law of Attraction out to a wider audience is a good thing. As we know, Deliberate Creators – those who use the Law of Attraction to create their reality – are on the leading edge of thought. And by its very nature, the leading edge is not a place where most of the people on this planet are going to be hanging out!

The people who are ready to jump onto the leading edge will read this article and find their way through the negative reviews to join those of us already here.

Welcome to the Leading Edge. Get ready for a wild ride!

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      28 Responses to “The Backlash Has Begun – The Secret Trashed In Newsweek”

      1. Bill on February 27th, 2007 11:32 am

        Welcome to the REAL reality, Truth. 🙂

      2. Lyn on February 27th, 2007 12:06 pm

        While I agree that a backlash to any concept or movement that has gained popularity necessarily picks at the holes and the extreme or “straw-man” representatives of that movement, it seems to me that much of the – for lack of a better term – “wacky” teaching surrounding the LoA opens itself to critique by the main stream populace.

        A noted example is the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Instead of denouncing the channeled messages from Esther’s spirit guides as a form of demonic possession, many advocates of the Secret (and the main force behind it, Rhonda Byrne) celebrate this as enlightened wisdom.

        My suspicion is that this type of “teaching” is no longer fringe and that the legitimate and sound principles espoused by the self-help and personal development movement are being co-opted by not only wacky but dangerously destructive practitioners.


      3. Edward Mills on February 27th, 2007 1:23 pm

        Hi Lyn

        Yes, the mainstream populace is sure to have a field day with Esther’s channeled information. And that’s too bad, because if they could get through their resistance to the “Source” of the information, they would discover some truly powerful tools for improving their lives.

        And further, I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that Esther’s channeling is a form of demonic possession.

        It seems to me that channeled information, whether from Spirit Guides, Higher Self, or God, has, throughout our history, provided a great source of spiritual knowledge.

        The cornerstone of much of western culture’s beliefs about right and wrong is based on channeled information. Namely the 10 commandments.

        I fail to see the difference between Esther Hicks receiving and communicating valuable, uplifting information from her guides and Moses receiving and sharing valuable, uplifting information from God.

        Personally, this is how I determine what information I will incorporate into my life. The source is unimportant. What is important is the answer to this question: Will this information make my life better or worse?

        It’s that simple.

        And for me, the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham as channeled through Esther Hicks provide a wealth of information that has already dramatically improved my life and continues to make it better on a daily basis.

      4. Debbie - AUSTRALIA on February 27th, 2007 5:13 pm

        Edward – this must be the most sense I have heard in a long time. People seem to trash what they don’t understand – fear is their biggest drive for this.

        How can positive thoughts and actions be detrimental to any person? Nowhere in ‘The Secret’ did I pick up on ‘evil’, ‘dangerous’ or destructive’ undertones.

        Positive is the way forward.

        Suspicion, Fear and Negaitivity is the way back or to stagnate.

        I know which I would prefer.

      5. Lipstick Mystic on February 27th, 2007 6:06 pm

        It’s so unfortunate that, as you say, “the backlash is beginning.” So many of us in the holistic health community have spent our whole careers trying to introduce people to the “earth shattering” idea that our thoughts and emotions influence our reality. Now that this concept is gaining more traction in the mainstream, it’s being distorted and manipulated.

        The Secret isn’t just about making money, as many of its critics would have people believe. It’s about applied faith, power prayer, and entering into union with Spirit to create something good on this planet.

        Thanks very much for your blog. I will definitely be back to read more!

      6. GhostWalker on March 11th, 2007 9:42 am

        The only reason that there is a concerted backlash is that the same people who are doing the backlash are the some of the same people who use The Secret/LoA themselves and want to rebury it for their own use. It’s been like this time and again.

        I, myself, have been finding bits and pieces of the concept since I was 7 yrs old (dumped in my lap on a repeated basis). My father used it extensively, when he thought he really needed to. I don’t know where Mom learned it, if she learned it. I have been using the LoA for most of my life. It works. There’s no point in picking on the people who do.

        I’ll get off my soap box now…..

      7. Edward Mills on March 12th, 2007 5:59 am

        Hi Lipstick. You’re right on when you say that the Secret, and the Law of Attraction, are not just about making money and getting stuff. There is so much more. And I am thrilled as I watch more and more people begin to discover the depth of these teachings.

      8. Lise Sutherland-Fraser on March 12th, 2007 7:03 pm

        Absolutely love your site! Found synchronistically! There’s a wonderful quote, is it by Einstein that said “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” or some such thing. I can see how people don’t get it but I get it and have gotten it since I read Seth Speaks in the 70s. Never did much ‘with it’ and kick myself for not getting more with the program earlier.
        I’m sort of smiling with all the hoo haa because bad press is good press and if it feels good people are going to do it.
        I’ve got to the point that I don’t have to prove anything anymore because we are all right, if you believe it, its right for you and if I believe it its right for me, its all right there is no wrong. I sometimes feel a desire to get on the old soapbox and protest that I’m right and they’re wrong but I smile at my younger self who was into pushing the green movement, pro peace all that stuff. I see the world differently now and because of that I feel much more relaxed and chilled. I still go into the downward spiral that the physical reality, so convincing that it is, can create in me, but when I realise it again I smile again coz I’m seeing the old me and letting it go coz at the end of the day LOA is to me about doing what feels good (with responsibility) and ultimately that’s how my ship floats these days and I thank Rhonda Byrne (go the Aussies! that beach scene in the Secret is where I go everyweekend) and Oprah for awakening the masses out there to the game we’ve been playing for millenia, finally the Gods & Goddesses we are are finally waking up from our sleep and seeing ourselves again! Much love, Lise :^)

      9. Danielle Morgan on March 14th, 2007 2:31 pm

        Instead of looking at this as “backlash” how about praciticing some open-mindedness. I saw the movie and had some of the very same concerns that the Newsweek article articulated. Mainly, the focus on using “the Secret” for personal material gain. Sure there is more to this philosophy, but I do feel it is irresponsible and hardly “enlightened” to encourage people to manifest diamond necklaces.
        The consciousness-movement is *not* immune from the shadow. We must be willing to do “shadow work” – and that means acknowledging the positive, the negative, and neither in every idea or concept.
        And we must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We may each be “theoretically” free to manifest whatever we want, but we live in a real world with real sufferings and we are connected to all of it. I feel it is irresponsible and immature to suggest that we can make suffering (in our life or others) go away by focusing on ego-driven desires.

      10. Edward Mills on March 15th, 2007 5:22 am

        Lise. Thank you for the great quote. Don’t know if it’s Einstein, but I like it!

      11. Edward Mills on March 15th, 2007 5:27 am

        Danielle. You make some great points. I would point out, however, that while the Secret focuses on what you call ego-driven desires, the teachings of the Law of Attraction – especially the Abraham-Hicks teachings use the manifestation of ego-driven desires as a means to attaining a heightened state of presence and self-awareness.

        At one point in the book Ask and It Is Given, someone says that they feel like Abraham is encouraging us to get to the place where we can feel our desires so completely that we no longer have the need to acquire them. And Abraham of course said, “That is exactly right.”

        AND, until people get to that level of presence and awareness, focusing on getting physical, material things is a great way to engage the masses in what I consider to be a profound spiritual practice.

      12. Lyn on March 15th, 2007 6:35 am

        I apologize if I’m being rude, I was simply going to “go away” since I hold a completely different world-view than you, Ed. And since this is your blog (and we live in America 🙂 you can post what you want, of course. On the flip side, you do invite comments and so here I am once again. Your comment to Danielle prompted my return.

        I don’t know you and so can’t judge your standing with God, but I must say that your advocacy of Abraham-Hicks is, IMO, a product of deceiving spirits. This “teaching” to “to get to the place where we can feel our desires so completely that we no longer have the need to acquire them” is utter nonsense. In fact, it is a strain of Buddhist thought that says our one desire is to attain to an extinction of desire. A logical fallacy. And theologically it means utter extinction – nirvana, if you will; nothingness.

        Following these demon-inspired teachings leads away from the True God of the universe (not to be confused with the universe itself – which is often capitalized as a nod to transcendence) who wants to have an eternal relationship with us. We are created in his image and so are of inestimable worth. We will either live with God forever or be separated from him forever – there is no middle ground.

        As for the difference between this and Moses’ decalogue (which is your question from your first response to me at the beginning of this thread) – it has everything to do with where true revelation comes from. It either conforms to God’s will or it is an expression of ours. Your answer is utilitarian, and I quote: “Will this information make my life better or worse? It’s that simple.”

        This is a formula for morally relativistic living which can not be judged apart from a divine ruling. We have that ruling already in place – the Scriptures. Without it we have “teachings” from people like Esther Hicks and Rhonda Byrne who tell us, “You are the master of the Universe” (p 183 of The Secret). In my book that’s blasphemy. Are we incredible creatures? You bet, but we are not demigods. Satan would have us believe this since he believes it himself. Please reject these teachings from this so-called “Abraham.” Thank you. Lyn

      13. Edward Mills on March 15th, 2007 8:47 am

        Hi Lyn

        I appreciate that you have chosen not to just “go away.” I do welcome comments on this site, as long as they are offered in a spirit of mutual respect and from a desire to bring heightened awareness and understanding.

        You make several interesting points. Overall, IMO, your positive thoughts are overshadowed by your assertion that the teachings of Abraham are the “product of deceiving spirits,” and “blasphemy” and “demon-inspired.”

        I enjoy your comments and would like to continue this conversation. However, if you continue to mask your insights in such judgmental and closed-minded terms, my interest in continuing this conversation will very quickly diminish.

        Now, as for your comments.

        If we could go back to the time of Moses, I would bet quite a bit of money that many people thought that the tablets he brought down from the mountain were the “product of deceiving spirits.” (The reason he smashed them down on the ground is because he probably got so darn frustrated knowing that he had communicated with God and that these people were not listening to him.)

        If we could go back 2000 years and watch the reaction to the teachings of Jesus, I bet we’d see much the same reaction we’re seeing now to The Secret.

        And if we could project ourselves 2000 years into the future, who would we see acknowledged as “God.” Would it be Jesus, Abraham, someone else?

        More likely, in my opinion, we would see that humanity had come to accept its innate divinity. We would see a world full of individuals who have acknowledged that each and every one of us is inseparable from and an integral but unique expression of God.

        This belief is not the work of satan. Remember, God created us in Her image. If you accept that as truth, then, logically, you must accept that we have all the divine power of God as well.

        You must accept that we have the power to create our own reality.

      14. Kelly Yuill on March 16th, 2007 4:05 am

        Understanding Ask/Receive…is there anyone out there that can send me a free copy of the movie The Secret…what then would i have to do in-return…name it! Thanks Kelly

      15. jane jetson on March 20th, 2007 12:52 pm

        There’s no “conspiracy” to bury “The Secret” – it’s just that people with half a brain (and that INCLUDES enlightened, conscious people) know that The Secret is a big load of materialistic hoo-ha.

        That otherwise caring people can watch that movie with a straight face and honestly believe that we don’t need to help the people of Darfur because they “attracted” their circumstances…well, you folks are living in a bubble.

        People are against the Secret because it’s bad information…I’m not a Christian but you have to be darn gullible to believe everything someone tells you through “channeling.” Just because it’s channeled doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT. Positive thinking is powerful but that doesn’t mean you’ll attract a bike theft simply for locking your bike up.

        The Secret is missing one vital ingredient: Love. That’s why people are turned off from it.

      16. Mulberry on March 22nd, 2007 1:22 pm

        is this “abraham” always saying something good ? It does not seem so, he (or they) says that your “feelings” are right. If you don’t “feel” good, then get away from what it is that doesn’t make you feel good. This is crass materialism. Its OK not to help a hurting somebody because you don’t “feel good” around them. LOVE is missing here. Love of self seems to be in plenty though.
        If I was a Christian, I would know who “Abraham” was. No dispute. Always posing as an angel of light, initially bringing what “appears” to be good while destroying what is human, namely “love”, real “love”. No-one ever was happy in materialism alone. it is good to give as well as to receive.

      17. Joe on March 26th, 2007 7:12 pm

        I read from Edward that people should be open-minded and accept the possibility that the channeled teachings are real. While I completely agree with being open minded, that will also mean to be open to the possibility that those teachings are deceptions. Open-mindedness works both ways.

        As a former agnostic that got into psychic influence and new age teachings, and now a born-again Christian (although one that rejects some dogma), I can say I have seen both sides. There are merits in both teachings, but the big picture and where it ultimately leads is vastly different.

        I am a Christian not because of my merits, but because through New Age teachings, I ended up attracting demonic oppression that I got rid of with deliverance (after a long soul search). It not only worked, but I have recieved miracles, inclui=ding a family memeber being cured from (early) cancer.

        It is funny because I have read books like ‘The attractor factor (by Joe Vitale)’ and such. I believe they are well intentioned, but my personal experience mirrors a bad experience mentioned there that happened to “Jonathan”, his teacher and channeler, where he had and produced a string of bad synchonicities that almost killed people he coached.
        In my case it was only me, however it is very clear to me demons pose as ‘higher teachers’.

      18. Edward Mills on March 26th, 2007 8:18 pm

        So much to respond to. Where to begin?

        Mulberry says, “If you don’t “feel” good, then get away from what it is that doesn’t make you feel good. This is crass materialism.”

        I’m not sure how getting away from something that doesn’t feel good translates into crass materialism.

        Putting your hand on hot burner doesn’t feel good, and most intelligent people would choose to quickly take their hands away from the discomfort. Why should it be any different with feelings? Just because you’re moving away from what feels not-so-good and towards what feels better, does not mean you are embracing materialism.

        Joe says, “I believe they are well intentioned, but my personal experience mirrors a bad experience mentioned there that happened to “Jonathan”, his teacher and channeler, where he had and produced a string of bad synchonicities that almost killed people he coached.
        In my case it was only me, however it is very clear to me demons pose as ‘higher teachers’.”

        There are good and bad teachers everywhere. There are teachers that will use their position to enhance their power and mislead their students. This is an unfortunate but, most definitely real, part of our world.

        I do not doubt that there have been “channeled” teachings that have led to destruction and death.

        But it is quite clear that there has been at least as much destruction and death perpetrated in the name of god. We need not look very far to find examples of genocide, torture, destruction and desecration of homes and sacred sites by those who claim to be acting in the name of and with the authority of god.

        A true teacher, one who holds the best interests of his or her students as the highest intention, will never, in my opinion, present teachings that lead to the increased suffering of anyone else, regardless of their beliefs.

        I have listened to hundreds of hours of the teachings of Abraham. And I consider myself to be a fairly good judge of the quality and intention of teachings. And I can assure you that, regardless of the “source” of this material, the information itself is, without a doubt, meant to uplift those who listen to it and lead to positive changes for the entire world.

      19. wayne on March 27th, 2007 7:16 am

        Would anyone like to consider the Bible as a source of guidance?

      20. Joe on March 27th, 2007 10:22 am

        Point well taken. There is a massive amount of evil perpetrated in the name of God. There’s also a lot of self-righteous people pumping followers with guilt and other fear-based emotions. That turns people off Christianity, although Jesus in all certainty wasn’t like that. Its people (and yes, demons) twisting the message with their own fear-based emotion and motivations.

        There are bad and good teachers everywhere, like you say, but with ‘supernatural’ teachers we have no frame of reference to judge what their intentions are. Given that God will not interfere with our free will, it is up to us to figure it out. And its very, very hard. So hard, I got burned.

        The question is not whether there are demons posing as higher teachers. I know there are. The question is how to tell which (and whether) teachings are , judging from the big picture, ultimately meant to deceive. I argue there is almost no way to tell. And that’s why I believe ‘the Secret’ should be treated with skepticism.

        I’m not sure whether I agree with the assertion that a true teacher will not present teachings that lead to the increased suffering of anyone. Sometimes suffering is the furnace to make a better person (tough love sometimes is what’s needed). Sometimes lack of compassion is to give people ‘more pleasure’ and live them stagnant.

        We don’t know what awaits for us in the afterlife. It is only speculation (sometimes personal experience). Since both – the model presented in ‘the Secret’ and Christianity – are divergent, and sometimes clashing, that knowledge would decide what to do. Unfortunately, we don’t have it. Again, that’s why teaching that promise more abundance and pleasure on earth (viewed from one side), and the almost the spiritual endorsement of greed (from the other), should be treated with caution.

      21. Edward Mills on March 27th, 2007 8:59 pm

        Hi Joe

        Thanks for the thoughtful comment. You write that, “but with ’supernatural’ teachers we have no frame of reference to judge what their intentions are.”

        We could just as easily replace your term, supernatural with God.

        How do we know when we are in the presence of Divine teaching? How do we judge for ourselves if information we are receiving is from our Source?

        In deciding what information to trust, we have relied for far too long on the stamp of approval from authority figures and, in doing so, have lost our ability to judge for ourselves the validity of spiritual information.

        Personally, I believe that every one of us has access to Divine Wisdom. And who can say how that wisdom will come to us.

        After all, didn’t Moses receive the word of god through a talking bush?

        If someone wrote a blog post about how god spoke to them through a talking bush they would be ridiculed at best, and called a vehicle for the devil at worst.

        Why should Moses have access to god’s wisdom but not you or I?

      22. joe on March 27th, 2007 11:45 pm

        Hey Edward,

        I like openness and way of discussing things. I agree with what you say from a neutral observer point of view. In fact, that is what happened to Jesus. He got accused, by the spiritual leaders, of being sent by demonic forces.

        However, his message is one of personal sacrifice, rather opposite (from a big picture standpoint) than ‘The Secret’. That should raise some flags. The Secret teachings might be great, and in fact there is obvious value in having a more positive thinking pattern in your life. But, in my humble opinion, within the framework of serving others.

        I personally agree with you in that everyone of us has access to divine knowledge. But, I also know that not all that is posed as divine knowledge in fact is. The Bible (to which I am a newcomer..) does say somethng like : “Keep on looking. If you don’t, you wont recognize the answer.” and “don’t follow the flock, they are probably lost too”. In other words,
        there will be tons of mud surrounding the diamonds…

        In reality, I don’t know ‘The Secret’ is demonic, or ‘divine’ or anything in between, although I have a suspicion from personal experience. I am also personally annoyed at closed-minded people. In the end all Im saying is I do feel skepticism is in order.

      23. Simone on April 10th, 2007 7:25 am

        Well… I have enjoyed your comments… and it is interesting from both sides.

        I have seen the movie ‘The Secret’ – and I am also a person who recieves – ‘messages’ from a Divine Source – you could call me an intuitive – a ‘channeler’ – a psychic…. whatever label you wish to call it… does not matter to me – for I know it is real – I know it is based in love – and so do the people I have helped.
        We are ALL divinely guided – we forget that we are.

        Our guidance is buried under layers and layers of hurt , emotional baggage that prevents the true messages from reaching us. Our guidance is forced deep within by the fear attached by religions that tell you not to trust it – and that you are not worthy of having that connection as a personal one. We are encouraged to seek an intimate relationship with the Divine – and when we find it – we are told we are doing it wrong (at best) or communing with the devil (at worst).

        ‘The Secret’ teaches if you just focus on the good then your life will become that. Very few people learn or make desires to change – when their lives are good – It is the desire of the ego to have money, wealth, fame – it is the desire of the soul to heal and recognize it’s inherant and eternal goodness.

        Modern religions – have kept God so far away from us – and told us that we are not worthy of a true connection – it is no wonder that the majority of society then would rather go after the money… at least THAT seems attainable.

        It is silly to think that if only by thinking positively that you will avoid any difficult situations. Will thinking positively keep your aging parents from passing to the other side? – no – Will it keep earthquakes from happening? – no. But when you accept that pain will come in your life – but WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO WITH IT – is your choice – and that SUFFERING is an option – that is when you have become an owner of the real Secret.

        One law ‘The Secret’ does not address – is the law that the Universe is always changing – relationships come and go, money comes and goes, situations come and go. The strength of your soul and your character determines how you handle the situation – and whether you can find the goodness in any thing that comes your way.

        If God created the universe – then God created all things – all situations- all people. No matter how any of these things might not be what we, as ego driven people, WANT, all things are perfect as they are.
        Perhaps a greater lesson should come from trying to be a generous person with or without the money – a loving person, with or without the relationship, an honest person with or without somebody watching.

        Everything comes and goes. All things serve their purposes and suit the needs of the people who need them. If the Bible works for you and brings you peace – great – read it, follow it, live it. If walking in nature works for you and brings you peace – great – walk in it – listen to it – honor it. If sitting on your yoga mat and chanting works for you – great – do it, revel in it, cherish it. If watching ‘The Secret’ works for you – great – watch it – learn from it – live from it.

        There is no one on the planet who has any right to tell others how to find their path to happiness. Their are a million paths to the top of the mountain – the one I choose is up to me… when you accept everyone exactly as they are – along with the choices they make to follow a path that you yourself would not choose – without judgement – then you have discovered a Secret… and only you will know what that means to your life.

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      26. On the Edge on December 19th, 2007 1:35 pm

        If the leading edge of thought, the next evolutionary milestone that human minds can reach, is as shallow and narcissistic as the teachings presented in “The Secret” you can count me out. If to better understand reality we must in fact wholly disregard certain aspects of it to better serve our personal comfort, you can rest assured that I’ll take my meager understanding of the Universe as an ever shifting and chaotic entity which does not offer its inner workings to be seen by human minds, let alone become totally malleable to their will. Funny, I would have thought a better step towards developement in thinking would be the realization that their is no division between the parts of our complex reality, but that all things are mutually interdependent upon each other with no particular bias towards human will except in whether or not said will is being exercised. Take a look at The Secret. It preaches the ultimate division between the Ego and the external world. It boils everything down to Subject; I, and Object; everything else. I would have thought an honest vulnerability could fit nicely amongst future virtues in thought, with the confession to one’s self that the human mind controls very little of what it is even aware of. Positive thought is good, and intentions matter. That is so ludicrously obvious that it doesn’t need stating. However where will we be when the sum of human intention is “new car in the driveway, new car in the driveway, new car in the driveway” ad nauseum? The principles in thought outlined by The Secret are not only completely fallacious and parasitic, they are dangerous in the hands of the gullible masses, who are already too engaged in their own egocentric daily soap operas to look around them and embrace existence for what it truly is. Suffering is everywhere. Turning your back on it does not make it go away. Desire causes suffering. How much will you suffer when that new car doesn’t just manifest itself even though you just thought so hard about it? According to The Secret, you were just doing something wrong. You chose not to have that care that you chose to just have magically appear. Oh, and if that keeps happening, you might just be a null person with no positive will. You had better watch out or you’ll will yourself some cancer. And no, I’m not just some negative person who “doesn’t get it”. I realize the power of intention and thought on a subjective level. What else motivates the sphere of human action? However, I will never subscribe to teachings that champion egocentricity, shallowness and ignorance. Wake up. The world is waiting for you. The true Self is waiting for you. Stop wishing, start being aware, and work on it.

        See you on the real Leading Edge.

      27. Edward Mills on December 19th, 2007 10:06 pm

        On The Edge. I’m not going to respond to all that you have said, mainly because much of it has already been discussed in earlier comments. I will say that you are right in many of your assessments about the movie The Secret. However, when you dig deeper into the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham and others, you will find, if you take the time, that the interconnectedness of all things is very much a part of the teachings. And, further, the deepest levels of the teachings do move from a place of ego and desire to one of service and selflessness.

        In my opinion The Secret benefited our society in that it exposed people to a new perspective and new way of life in a manner that was acceptable to many people. A tiny percentage of the people who viewed the Secret will move on to the deeper levels of awareness that exist within the Law of Attraction. And that’s fine.

        I don’t agree with everything in the Secret, but I am grateful that it awakened more people to a new possibility.

      28. Edward Ayres on November 25th, 2008 10:02 am

        Why would spirit guides select one person as a vehicle for this information? It seems to me beings with this power would find a better way to mass communicate such an important message. If the “word” is meant to spread far and wide why allow it to be copyrighted, marketed, and turned into a giant profit-making enterprise? The Law of Attraction is nothing new. It exists in some form in almost any religion I can think of. The problem with the Abraham-Hicks approach it its narcissism. It is a completely self-focused way of walking through life. The affairs of others are not your business. If people are unhappy it their fault and there is nothing you can do about it. If only they will believe as we do all will be well. Sounds like any other religious dogma to me.

      Got something to say?