The Secret On Oprah February 8th

We have the date! The Oprah show featuring participants in the movie, The Secret, has been officially scheduled for next Thursday, February 8th. You can read all the details in this entry at the (relatively) new Secret Blog.

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      2 Responses to “The Secret On Oprah February 8th”

      1. Vashi R Chandramaani on February 8th, 2007 7:15 pm

        Dear Friends,

        Greetings, Trust all is well.

        I would wish to seek your attention and enclose the following details for your considerate attention.

        The Secret is the Key of Awareness; Awareness that has brought along with it an Miracle to each and every aspect of these Wonderful Moments of the meaningful adventure called Life.

        The fortune of having being bestowed and endowed with this priceless opportunity to witness and learn from the very well informative experiences featured in The Secret are amongst the finest examples and moments of Life, since they establish an consistent pattern that radiates an sparkle and glimmer of hope to each facet of Life, infusing it with a priceless treasure, namely the vehicle of Awareness to realize one’s own tremendous potential virtues and intellectual faculties.

        The above realization apparently evokes establishment of an constructive set of objectives of “Self Development” strategies that appear in uniformed synchronization and enable the splendid collaboration of the synergistic attributes that are prevalent within the sphere of the realm of meticulous professionalism thereby according a person imminently to reach the Pinnacle of Excellence in each endeavor.

        Further, this in turn truly enhances the scope of each and every facet of every moment meticulously by acquainting us with a part of ourselves which we never knew and most importantly with a part of all the Wonderful People around us, who are amongst the greatest compliments of our Life.

        Each day has become more brighter and the strands of each moment are woven with an ecstatic sense of enthusiasm, a profound sense of joy, an exhilarating perspective of self contentment and most importantly, the aspiration to seek to Achieve Happiness and its Virtues in each endeavor for the immense benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People.

        Moments are Miracles with The Secret, Each Day is more Meaningful and Value Oriented with The Secret.The remarkable change that The Secret has brought along with it has created an transformation whose extent cannot be gauged since it has begun its ascent towards establishing it as a firm guide of exceptional value, that only wishes the very best for all of us, in all instances and from all aspects.

        The tremendous benefits could not be extolled or described in the above few words alone since the above is a summarization and an brief prelude of the wonderful extent that The Secret has carved its impressionable hallmark onto each facet of this Wonderful Life.

        Thanks for this wonderful start to the Journey of Awareness, and Hoping very much that this will continue onwards ahead with additional updates and releases thereby accentuating the calibrated velocity with meticulous precision and consistently accelerating the pace of Appreciation, Greater Understanding and Progress for the Benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People always.

        With Best Wishes & Kind Regards,
        Vashi R Chandramaani

      2. Evolving Times » If You Missed The Secret On Oprah You Can Watch It Online on February 10th, 2007 10:01 am

        […] to Jennifer for leaving a comment on an earlier post about the date for the Secret show on Oprah. She pointed out that the entire show is now available […]

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