The Size Of Your Segment DOES Matter

Segment Intending is one of the most powerful processes for engaging the Law of Attraction. You’ll find it described in detail in the book, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

The idea of Segment Intending is to set specific intentions for specific segments of your day. When you get into your car to drive to work, you might set the intention for the drive to be smooth and traffic-free and to arrive early. Then, when you get there, you might set an intention that you have 30-minutes of uninterrupted focused time to prepare for a big meeting. Then, as you walk to the meeting, you set your intention for it to be productive and positive and generate the desired outcomes.

As you set your intention for each of these segments, you would take a moment to envision the outcome and get into the feeling place of the specific intention. For instance, as you get into your car, you would feel the joy and freedom of zooming down the freeway at 70 miles per hour. And you might imagine yourself pulling into the parking lot at work 15-minutes early and stepping out of your car feeling relaxed, peaceful and ready to start your workday.

The power of Segment Intending lies in its ability to help you continuously monitor and align your vibrational offering with your specific intention. In our culture of multitasking – or simultaneous inclusion – we shift very quickly from segment to segment. Often these different segments have very different intentions and associated feelings but without a conscious focus on segment intending, we often carry one intention with us throughout the day. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The key to effective segment intending is to recognize when you are moving into a new segment and taking a moment to reset your intention and, if necessary, recalibrate your feelings and vibrational offering to be in alignment with the new intention.

I have found that it is quite easy to start my day with an intention. During my morning meditation I set a desired overall tone and feeling for the day. Later, during my Simpleology Daily Target Praxis, I set clear intentions for what I will accomplish during the day.

I have begun to notice, however, that once I set my meta-intentions for my day, I rarely take the time to segment intend throughout the day.

Setting clear intentions for the day is a great start, but when it comes to intentions and feelings, one size definitely does not fit all. When I am writing an article for Evolving Times, the intention is to write an article that will be of value to the readers but also write quickly. So the that I want to cultivate is one of focused, efficient, creativity.

When I move into a segment of reading and returning email, however, my intention is to get through them as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still connecting with people in an authentic, compassionate manner. So I want to cultivate a mix of compassion and efficiency; a feeling state that will empower me to delete emails I do not need to read, skim and delete those that do not need a response, and quickly write clear, concise responses to those that do.

To help me decrease my segment size and be more aware of my micro-segments, beginning today I am using two techniques to remind me to segment intend throughout the day. First, I have a sticky note on my monitor with big bold writing – “Smaller Segments!” This will provide a constant reminder to monitor my intentions and feelings and take actions as needed to update and align them.

And when I do my Simpleology Daily Target Praxis each morning, I am now including a “Segment Intend” target. This way, every time I return to my Simpleology Cockpit to check off a completed target and select the next one, I am reminded to set my intention for this specific task (segment).

I will definitely let you know how this focused segment intending goes. And I would encourage you to examine the size of your segments. Are you setting an intention for your day, for your workday, for each task?

It really comes down to this simple equation: The shorter the segment the more specific the intention and the corresponding feeling state.

Try it right now. What is the very next thing you will do after reading this article? Leave a comment below with your intention for the next segment of your day.

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      11 Responses to “The Size Of Your Segment DOES Matter”

      1. Bryan C. Fleming on February 13th, 2007 7:05 pm

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      3. Edward Mills on February 17th, 2007 11:53 am

        Belle. Yes, segment intending really can make it appear as if you are manipulating time. It’s quite an amazing process when you use it on a regular basis.

        I hope you had a wonderful, restful night of sleep.

      4. Dan and Jennifer on February 26th, 2007 1:52 pm

        Hey Ed,

        Wow, bite-size manifestation. 🙂 This is great, Ed. Jennifer and I read “Ask and It Is Given” a year or so ago, but I don’t recall that particular exercise.

        Thanks for pointing it out. I bet that’s very helpful for staying aligned and focused throughout your day. I’ll definitely try it.

        Actually Jennifer and I have been using something else that does that now comes to mind… it’s in some ways similar.

        Check out the book “Hiring the Heavens” by Jean Slatter. Flip through it next time you’re in a Barnes & Noble, and you’ll quickly get the concept.

        A friend of ours introduced us to this concept a few months ago, and we’ve been very pleasantly surprised to see it work so effectively.

        It’s definitely a different twist from the general Law of Attraction perspective, but, like the Law of Attraction, it works for us with amazing reliability.

        We’re always open to new ideas / perspectives. In the end I’ve always found that gathering a bunch of different perspectives on the same thing always strenthens your grasp and knowledge on the topic.

        For example, you wouldn’t normally associate this book with the Law of Attraction: Modern-Magick-Lessons-Magickal-Llewellyns

        But after reading it recently, we concluded it’s fundamentally the same stuff but from a whole different perspective and belief system. Jennifer and I both strongly believe it’s always important to keep breaking and broadening your “box”. 🙂

        Have an awesome day!

      5. Edward Mills on February 26th, 2007 3:41 pm

        Hi Dan

        Thanks for the book tips. Actually my wife and I are very open to Magickal stuff. Long before we started studying the LoA we were doing all sorts of fun rituals for abundance. Another great book for Magickal work related to the LoA is Silver’s Spells For Abundance

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      7. Edward Mills on July 26th, 2007 9:23 am

        Dean. Thanks for “finding” this old post and for the link back. I appreciate it. This is one of my personal favorites too! And, since there are no coincidences, your finding it now may well mean that I need to take a look at it again!

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      9. Mimi on December 4th, 2007 3:27 pm

        >> As Harry Potter is fond of saying “I love magic.”

        Nice comparison.

      10. Edward Mills on December 6th, 2007 9:55 am

        Thanks Mimi!

      11. Dinesh on August 3rd, 2008 4:54 am

        Great post. I am wanting to do a productive action next

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