This Question Has Been On My Mind

I’ve been thinking lately about this idea of the Expanding Universe. Where is it expanding to? What is outside of it?

Seems like a lot of other folks have been wondering about it as well. I just signed up for a Digg account – better late than never – and found this entry Where Is The Universe Expanding To? over at Scientific American which has been Dugg over 500 times!

I must admit that whole Space-Time Continuum thing is a bit over my head. But I sort of get the expanding balloon analogy.

If you’ve been wondering where this expanding Universe is heading, you might want to check out the Sciam entry as well.

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      One Response to “This Question Has Been On My Mind”

      1. Donna Dyer on February 9th, 2007 4:24 pm

        Hi Edward,

        Cool post and article link. Seems that you are of like mind on ideas around the expanding universe and I just love bringing the topic to life. I linked to your post on (Being) Extraordinary Now. Thank you!


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