Why I Blog – Tagged Again

The latest blog meme has made its way to Evolving Times. Thanks to Steve Johnson at the Fast Lane for getting me in on the fun. Steve was tagged by Wendy Piersall at eMoms at Home. You can follow the links back from there.

Technically, I’m supposed to keep this to five reasons I blog. But hey, I’m a blogger, and I never was good at following rules. That’s one of the reasons I blog!

So, in no particular order, here are the reasons I blog.

1. Being on the leading edge and connecting with other leading edge thinkers. When you’re immersed in the blogosphere it’s easy to feel like this is just a mainstream, everybody-does-it sort of activity. It’s not. I’m still amazed at how often I mention my blog and get that blank-stare-what’s-that look. We are on the leading edge, and it feels great being here!

2. Building Platform. That’s a term I first heard from Arielle Ford. Your platform is your ability to reach a large number of people. It’s what publishers look for when they’re considering whether or not to publish your book. And it’s ultimately what allows you to make money selling your own products and services. Since my business model includes a number of ebooks, CDs, workshops and retreats, I understood the need to have a strong platform. With over 12,000 unique visitors a month, Evolving Times has quickly become one of my most effective platform building vehicles.

3. “We can make him better, stronger, faster…Dah dah dah dah…” For those of you that did not come of age in the ‘70s, that’s the theme from the 6 Million Dollar Man. One of the reasons I blog is to become a better, stronger and faster writer. Writing everyday is great. I used to write every day and stick whatever I wrote back into a folder on my computer. Writing something everyday that you’re going to share with the world is a completely different endeavor. It forces you to become a ruthlessly efficient writer while staying fully connected with your creativity.

4. Change the world. All right, the secret is out. I want to change the world. And the beautiful thing about the blogosphere is that I get to hang out – virtually – with all of you other folks that also want to change the world. It’s like we’re having this rockin’ party of world changing conversations. And here’s the best thing of all… I don’t know about you, but when I look around me, it sure seems like what we’re doing here is working. I think we really ARE changing the world!

5. Sharing what I know. Before jumping onto the blogging train, the ways I could share my knowledge was limited to my monthly ezine, workshops, and courses. My ideas folder was overflowing with ideas that I wanted to develop into newsletter articles, ecourses, or full-blown seminars. Unfortunately there’s just so much time and space to expand on the continually evolving ideas. Blogging gives me the space to share ideas while they are still germinating. I don’t have to develop them into full-fledged “offerings.” I can share them in a way that brings benefit to those who read them and which, hopefully, might encourage others to take those ideas and expand on them.

Hey, look at that. I kept it to five reasons! If you don’t include that first one about not following rules.

So now, who to tag… Always a tough decision since there are so many incredible bloggers out there.

First up is Gleb Reys at Personal Development Ideas. Gleb’s blog is filled with great personal development ideas, and if you haven’t already figured it out, he also happens to be one of the nicest bloggers out there.

Next is Aaron Potts of Today is That Day. Aaron is a frequent contributor to the Law of Attraction Carnival and has quite an impressive archive of Law of Attraction articles on his site.

And how about Darren Rowse of Problogger.net. Sure this is a longshot. But it never hurts to ask. Darren did stop by yesterday to leave a comment on my post, Is Darren Rowse Going Personal Developmenty On Us. And if you’re looking for a blogger who is truly helping change the world by helping other bloggers, look no further than Darren. How about it Darren, why do you blog?

And finally, a tag to Adrian Lebar of A Rain Of Frogs. Adrian, a fellow 9rules member has a blog that I’ve been reading since my induction into 9rules, though I’ve done so in the background. I find his site to be such an interesting mix of beautiful prose and insightful commentary on web design and development and so many other random topics that I would love to hear why he blogs.

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        Mike mentioned that you are looking for a million dollars?


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      6. Maria Palma on March 12th, 2007 5:47 pm

        Ah, yes! I love the “Changing the World” reason! Wow – what an exciting blog to have “stumbled upon” although I know it wasn’t by accident 😉

        Thanks for sharing all the love!

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