Your Heart Is a Better Metaphor For Energy Flow In Manifestation

In our discussions of Energetic Directionality, beginning with this post, the metaphor that was initially used by Steve Pavlina to describe the flow of manifestational energy was that of breathing. Breathing, of course, has a distinctive inward flowing segment followed by an equally distinctive outward flowing segment.

In the discussion on that post and my follow up post From Polarity to Centerpoint, there have been some wonderful suggestions for metaphors that more accurately reflect the simultaneously inward and outward flowing nature of our manifestational energy: A river, a reservoir, etc.

But here is what I think may be the most accurate metaphor: Our heart.

With each beat, oxygen poor blood flows in to one chamber of the heart and out to the lungs, while oxygen rich blood flows back from the lungs and out to the body.

You can watch an animation of this simultaneous inward and outward flow here.

This flow happens simultaneously. The inflow does not have to stop in order for the outflow to begin.

Since this discussion has begun I have been exploring this idea of energetic directionality in my own personal energy practice. During my meditation, I have experimented with different proportions of inflowing and outflowing energy.

While it is difficult to consciously hold the perception and awareness of inward flowing and outward flowing energy simultaneously, the brief glimpses I have felt of this conscious expansion of the simultaneous flow have been exquisite.

Steve says that flowing energy in two directions simultaneously is inefficient. He asserts the opposite flows negate each other. And I’ve got to tell you that if the feelings I am experience when I consciously direct energy inward and outward simultaneously are an an indication of inefficiency, I’ll take a whole lot more of it!

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      2 Responses to “Your Heart Is a Better Metaphor For Energy Flow In Manifestation”

      1. TheNourisher on February 25th, 2007 12:31 am

        Dr Tom Cowan in his brilliant book, “Fourfold Path to Healing” reveals the falsehood that most people, even medicos live under; that the heart is a pump. He encourages us to ask any engineer the most efficient way to pump water up a hill, they would not say put a pump at the top of the hill.
        Instead, says Cowan, the heart is more like a flow gate that controls the flow of blood as different pressures are exherted depending on what the body/mind is up to. This seems to correlate quite gorgeously with your analogy, Edward.
        If you want to read any of his exquisite work, Tom Cowan permitted me to publish one of his articles here:

      2. Edward Mills on February 26th, 2007 6:26 am

        Hi Joanne. Good to hear from you again! I really like the new look of your site.

        Thanks for the information about Tom Cowan. I like what he has to say about Chronic Fatigue. It’s simple and makes sense.

        And the idea the the heart is a regulator of flow, rather than a pump, is wonderful.

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