Is The Elite Retreat Internet Heaven Or The Leading Edge?

Wendy Piersall seems to think it’s Internet Heaven.

I think it might just be both!

My wife, daughter and I had a wonderful time meeting with Wendy on Sunday afternoon as she was preparing to attend the Elite Retreat here in San Francisco. She was literally beaming. Gosh, I can’t imagine why!

Since spending a couple of hours with Wendy and getting to meet a few of the retreat instructors on Sunday I’ve known there was some tie into personal development that was just outside my grasp. And then I read Wendy’s post.

The idea of there being an Internet Heaven got me to thinking about the concept of the Leading Edge.

Yes, I’m sure Wendy’s correct that she’s in Internet Heaven!

But, I would also say that the Elite Retreat is a great example of how the internet, and bloggers, in particular, are coming together at the leading edge of thought.

Esther Hicks frequently says that those of us working with the Law of Attraction (and/or doing any serious personal development work) are living at the “leading edge of thought.”

At a live Abraham-Hicks, Law of Attraction seminar I attended last year, Esther also said this:

The Internet is the best example we’ve ever seen of the way Law of Attraction works in this universe.

It is so true! Nowhere else can you find everything you want to quickly and easily. And nowhere else does technology so quickly morph itself to accomodate the desires of the people using it.

Having the chance to meet and chat with a few of the Elite Retreat instructors on Sunday confirmed my belief that we are on the leading edge of thought.

It also got me thinking about the qualities that are often present at the Leading Edge.

Here are some of them:

The leading edge will always be occupied by caring and kind people:

Sure there are plenty of examples of grumpy or even downright mean leading edge thinkers. (Think of any of the “tortured artist” biographies and you’ll get what I mean). But, to me, the essence of a leading edge thinker is kindness.

Blogs are pretty transparent. It’s hard to hide your true nature if you’re writing on a regular basis. Many of you probably know Darren Rowse through his blogs and have come to respect him not just for the information he provides but also for the kindness and calm presence he exudes through his blogs. Well, I got to meet and have a quick chat with him just two short days after he had spent 14-hour flying in from Australia with his wife and 8-month old son. (I’ve flown 6-hours to the east coast with my daughter and needed two full days to recover from that!) But Darren, if anything, was even more calm and kind in person.

The leading edge will always be filled with young people:

It’s difficult for us old fogies to step fully onto the leading edge. We’ve got a lot of conditioning and faulty beliefs that prevent most of us from fully embracing the thoughts, experiences and technology of the leading edge.

Briefly meeting Neil Pattel (21 years old) and realizing that one of the most respected and admired folks in the world of Internet Marketing is exactly half my age, reminded me that the Internet is the domain of young folks. And they are clearly doing an incredible job of using it to reshape our culture. And that, in my opinion, is a great thing!

The leading edge will always have abundant thinkers willing to share their knowledge with others:

Leading edge thinkers want others to join them. Let’s face it, there are times when the leading edge can be quite lonely. Folks out on the leading edge want to help others so they’ll have more friends to play with!

The blogosphere itself is such an amazing example of how leading edge thinkers are helping others. But Kris Jones exemplified this principle in a conversation we had. It was crystal clear that he wanted to share his knowledge. I’ve been around a lot of successful (but not leading edge thinkers) who use their success as a shield or a trophy and certainly have no desire to share their knowledge. Not so with Kris (or any of these guys). He was fully present. And when he said, “I wish you could be here,” (at the Elite Retreat) I knew he meant it, not because of the money, but because he truly wants to see other people expand on their success and because he knows that he (and the other instructors) can do that!

The leading edge is no place for judgment:

One of the beautiful things about the Internet is that it totally levels the playing field. The opportunity to thrive on the Internet is the same for a everyone regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, etc. (I know that some of you will argue that the opportunity is not equal for someone without access to a computer. And you’re absolutely right).

If America was (is?) the land of opportunity, then the Internet must surely be the realm of limitless opportunity.

A few weeks ago, Wendy sent out an email to a few of her more active male readers asking us what we get from her Emoms-at-home. Why are we interested in information for emoms? Wendy’s information is equally valuable to emoms and edads, whether or not they work at home and leading edge thinkers don’t care where or from whom the information comes from as long as it is of value.

There are so many more characteristics of the leading edge. These are just a few that became obvious to me as I reviewed my time in SF with Wendy.

What are some other characteristics of leading edge thinkers? Leave your comments below and I’ll compile your thoughts into another post in a few days.

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      8 Responses to “Is The Elite Retreat Internet Heaven Or The Leading Edge?”

      1. Dan and Jennifer on March 20th, 2007 7:51 pm

        Hey Ed, wow, I sure wish we would have been there with you and Wendy today, and I appreciate the run-down. Sounds like you had a really great day. I’m truly happy for you.

        Although I have to say, we had significantly more fun than you on that day – we were debugging our OpenAds ad server so we can track and optimize our ad displays / clicks / conversions. Yep. SOO GLAD THAT’S DONE!!!

        Seriously, I think you really nailed the points above… many of the true leading edge thinkers are open, present, and naturally giving folks who themselves grow by helping others.

        And that’s one of the things I so love about blogging and the loose but truly special community we all share in.

        And to your point on age… that’s been so interesting as well. Some of our newfound friends vary in age drastically from one another, and I don’t have a clue how old most of them are. Because it DOESN’T MATTER at all.

        Same goes for nationality or geographic location. Seriously, I communicate all day long with people from all over the world. People who DO, set things in motion, share, help others, etc.

        What defines you is who you are, what you do, what you share, not the silly stuff that you have absolutely no control over.

        Ok, rant over. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

        Have an awesome day!

      2. Edward Mills on March 21st, 2007 5:04 am

        Hi Dan. Great comment. I love this: “What defines you is who you are, what you do, what you share, not the silly stuff that you have absolutely no control over.” It’s so true, and I’ve never heard it expressed so clearly.


      3. Aaron M. Potts on March 21st, 2007 7:32 am


        Great post, and one that brings together concepts such as the obvious technical leading edge of the Internet with the “human level” leading edge of what actual people (not technology) bring to the forefront.

        In addition to your list, I would add that leading edge people are also very open-minded. We do not see the future as a solitary light at the end of a single tunnel that we are all traveling in.

        In fact, it is only the leading edge technology that is allowing the leading edge people to even communicate with each other.

        Each of us is so open to the present as well as future expansion of both technology as well as human awareness that if the technology didn’t exist, the movement itself wouldn’t even be happening.

        Wow, that’s much more of a mind-bomb that I thought was going to come out when I first started typing this comment… 😉

      4. Edward Mills on March 21st, 2007 7:45 am

        Great point Aaron. This concept of the interface and integration between the human and technological leading edge is one that intrigues me quite a bit. In my mind, it’s a classic “chicken and egg” example: Which came first the technology or the consciousness that imagined it?

      5. Ms. Q on March 21st, 2007 9:42 am

        Great post and I’m glad you linked to Wendy’s post because she wrote about how Aaron Wall recommends:

        “Write for the readers, not for the search engines. Use natural language as you write with good keywords, and you’ll do far better than if you cram keywords everywhere”

        I like how this ties in with your comment:

        “Blogs are pretty transparent. It’s hard to hide your true nature if you’re writing on a regular basis. ”

        I have noticed that bloggers who reveal themselves with their writing are better able to connect with their readers. If you show who you are your readers will learn to trust you.

        People who trust you will return to your blog over and over again. Just like friends will.

        Leading edge people sound like people I want to spend time around, that is for sure!

      6. Edward Mills on March 21st, 2007 12:37 pm

        “Leading edge people sound like people I want to spend time around, that is for sure!”

        I’m with you, Ms Q!

      7. Working at Home on the Internet on March 23rd, 2007 3:12 am

        […] Mills presents Evolving Times » Is The Elite Retreat Internet Heaven Or The Leading Edge? posted at Edward Mills, saying, “Wendy Piersall, the original Emom, is the catalyst for this […]

      8. raymond on January 28th, 2008 9:15 pm

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