Take Tiny Steps On Your Journey To Joy

No matter how advanced you are in your work with the Law of Attraction, there are bound to be times when you get stuck. Times when you drop into frustration, anger, irritation, or depression. Times when you feel the need to find someone or something to blame for what is happening in your life or how you feel.

One of the most powerful things to remember in these moments is that your goal should not be to take a giant leap from depression or anger or whatever you are feeling all the way to joy or peace or whatever you want to feel.

Rather, focus on taking small, sometimes tiny, steps to feel just a little bit better. A continuing series of tiny steps in the direction of joy will eventually lead you there. One day you’ll wake up and realize that you’re feeling pretty darn good!

But the key is to take those tiny actions. You can’t just wish for joy. You can’t just hope for peace. You can’t just pray for love. You have to take action. Inspired action.

Adrian over at A Rain of Frogs may or may not consider himself a student of the Law of Attraction, but his entry, Instant catharsis (we all cry on), is a brilliant example of the power of small, focused actions.

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      2 Responses to “Take Tiny Steps On Your Journey To Joy”

      1. Lee on March 7th, 2007 2:42 am

        I came across the Law of Attraction only recently. Actually, I had heard about it stated differently my whole life. At first, like I suppose a lot of people, I had it confused with wishful thinking. Then, as I began the process of understanding, I realized that it was more like a focus mechanism for me and for the world around me. Breaking goals down into steps, and then using the Law of Attraction to implement those steps helps bring this all into daily use more easily. Thanks for the post!

      2. Edward Mills on March 8th, 2007 9:55 am

        Hi Lee. Thanks for the comment. I too feel into the “wishful thinking” trap when I was first exposed to the Law of Attraction. But since integrating focused action with clear intentions, I am beginning to see the true power of the Law of Attraction.

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