Watch The Trailer For Simpleology: The Simple Science Of Getting What You Want

Can you tell that I’m totally jazzed about Friday’s release of Mark Joyner’s new Simpleology book. I love Simpleology, and it’s been disappointing to me that the system has not been available to more people. (Can you believe that there are some folks out there that don’t spend all day on the computer??)

Well with this book, he’s going to expose a much wider audience to the ideas in Simpleology. And that is a great thing!

And let’s face it, this book is going to be an instant best-seller on Amazon. Mark may or may not have invented the concept of the now ubiquitous Amazon Best-Seller Campaigns, but he certainly perfected the art!

And with this book release, he is taking the art into completely new territories. He’s not raising the bar, he’s completely vaporizing the bar!

Trust me, I’ve seen some of what is planned for Friday’s release, and you definitely want to get in on this one!

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