Five Things My Grandchildren Will Say To Me

I love this meme that Joanne, at the Nourished Blog began a few weeks ago. When working with the Law of Attraction, we often speak of envisioning the future we want. This meme brings those visions of a positive into such clear focus.

What will my grandchildren say to me? What future do I choose to envision for them (and for me) and therefore empower with my thoughts and feelings?

The beauty of this exercise is that – for me – it happens far enough in the future, that I can dream big. My daughter is only three, so I have at least 2-decades before I’ll be hearing these things.

I can’t wait! Here they are.

  1. “Guess what Grandpa! I’m getting an ‘A’ in my Attraction class.”
  2. “Grandpa, will you take me backpacking with you this summer?” (Yeah, I know. This could happen right now. But it’s most definitely one of the things I want my grandchildren to say to me. After all, some things won’t change no matter how much the world changes!)
  3. “I’ll drive now, Grandpa.” (This is a five year old talking. And it’s possible because, while many people still have family cars – hydrogen fueled – the freeways have one or more autopilot lanes that “drive” your car for you. When you are ready to exit, you take over manual control and exit the autopilot lane. And you know that five-year-olds love to drive – even on autopilot!)
  4. “Please Grandpa, can you tell me again about what happened when the oil ran out, and how everyone cooperated like never before and worked together to make all the big changes? I love that story.”
  5. “I’m so glad you’re my grandpa.” “And I sure am glad that you’re my grandson/daughter!” (Here again, some things will never change).

Those are my five things. And again, I want to thank Joanne for beginning this meme. It is a truly powerful exercise.

I’ll give a friendly tag to some folks I would REALLY like to hear from:

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      3 Responses to “Five Things My Grandchildren Will Say To Me”

      1. Wendy Piersall on April 7th, 2007 6:26 pm

        Indeed a great meme! This contest has me running on overtime (actually, overtime would be a nice break!!) – so remind me if this slips through the big cracks in my memory lately! 😉

      2. Shama Hyder on April 8th, 2007 11:20 am

        Hey Ed,

        This is a great post. I love the first one! “Guess what I learned in Attraction class?” = )

      3. The Nourisher on April 12th, 2007 3:36 pm

        “how everyone co-operated like never before” love that. Perhaps to add, “Grandpa, are you coming down to the community gardens with us?” or “I felt you thinking about me, here I am grandpa” or “what’s this I hear about you using fossil fuels in the olden days? How did you get orgone energy from dinosaur bones?”
        Thanks for answering the meme Ed. It’s great fun to vision a future of world bliss..

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