Law Of Attraction Carnival Delayed 1 Week

If you’re a regular reader of the Law of Attraction Carnival you may have noticed that it did not get published this past Tuesday. You may also have noticed that in my Monday Motivation I did NOT included an intention to publish the carnival on time this week. I did that on purpose.

On Tuesday I drove from Sonoma County down here to LA where I am attending the Peak Potentials 5-day Train The Trainer Certification program. And on Monday, I could tell that there was a good chance that, even with lots of positive thinking, feeling and vibrating and loads of vitamins and supplements, I would not be able to avoid the cold/flu that had gone through my wife and daughter last week.

And, indeed, as I drove down here, I could feel my body moving deeper into that physical expression of resistance that we call “sick.”

It’s been quite an interesting experience observing and playing with the different levels of presence that I can bring to the seminar. I’ll have much more to share with you about that in the next few days.

But the key thing I’ve learned is that no matter how “positive” and “up” you are emotionally and energetically, a seminar that goes from 9:00 am – midnight every day is a bit too much for a body finding its way back into a state of well-being.

And the last thing I want to do is add another stress point – publishing the carnival.

So look for the Law of Attraction Carnival next Tuesday. And then I’ll update the following carnival dates to reflect the change.

And on another blog-related note, here’s a big thank you to all of you who have left comments in the last few days. Please don’t take my lack of response as a sign of disrespect. Again, I am focused on managing my time and energy so that I can help my body move back into its natural state of well-being.

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