Monday Motivation For April 16th

Last week was quite a blur. Being sick at a Peak Potentials 5-day training is a major test of your ability to show up! I’m not sure that I passed that test. But I did learn a LOT about myself, in addition to everything I learned about training. I’ll be sharing my thoughts over the next few days and weeks.

For now, here is my Monday Motivation – what I am holding myself accountable for creating by Saturday at Noon. And if I don’t get it all done, One member of the Evolving Times Community at Mybloglog will get $100!

So here is my Monday Motivation list for April 16th.

  • Update/revise the handouts for Wednesday’s Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive full day meeting by tomorrow at 3:00 and get them to my assistant to copy and collate.
  • Publish LOA Carnival tomorrow by 12:00pm pacific time. Yes, I’m going to get it done tomorrow. If I don’t, someone is getting $100!
  • Finalize the outline for Saturday’s Law of Attraction live Full day seminar in Santa Rosa and rehearse three key segments !IN FRONT OF A VIDEO CAMERA! at least three times. (You have to understand that because I am so good at “winging it” rehearsing has never been a top priority for me. But if there is just one thing I learned at the Train The Trainer certification it is the importance of practice).
  • Go into Saturday’s workshop feeling fully prepared and ready to give 110% to the participants.
  • Get caught up on the ET conversation and comments. I make an effort to respond to comments that you post on ET within 1-2 days. I realize that there are comments more than a week old that I have not responded to. Throughout this week, I will go through my comment list and get caught up by Friday.

Those are my critical tasks for this week. (Of course those will be surrounded by plenty of other activities that don’t rank quite high enough to make it to my Monday Motivation post).

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