Monday Motivation For April 2nd

I’m borrowing a page from Wendy Piersall’s book with this post and this regular addition to my posting schedule. Each Monday, in her Monday Motivation post, Wendy lists her targets for the day and what she’s going to do if she doesn’t make all of them. Today, if she doesn’t get them all done she:

will (YEUGH!) spend 4 hours doing yard-work tomorrow, unless it rains, in which case I’ll do the same on the very next available day without rain.

Now, for me, that’s not really incentive to get things done, since I love working in the yard. But I guess for Wendy…

The point is, having some public accountability can be a very powerful motivating factor to help get things done. So I’m going to join the fun! With one small change. I’m going to list the major targets I am going to hit for the entire week.

Each Monday I’ll list the 3-5 most important targets for the week and the price I’ll pay if I don’t hit them by 12:00 on the following Saturday.

So here goes. This week, I’m committing to the following targets:

  1. Post a response to the Gotta Get Goals Meme started by Alex Shalman.
  2. Post a response to the 5 Things My Grandchildren Will Say To Me meme started by Joanne at the Nourished blog. (Note that I was “tagged” by both of these memes well over a week ago and have kept putting them off. Apparently this is meant to be a week of the memes for me!)
  3. Deliver the final digital file for the flyer for my upcoming Law of Attraction Live seminar to the printer. (Write the copy and work with the designer to complete the flyer).
  4. Research and make a final decision on the best packaging/shipping choice for my upcoming CD, An Introduction To Brainwave Entrainment For Personal Growth & Success.
  5. Decide on the song I’m going to sing and create the costume I will wear at the Peak Potentials 5-day Train the Trainer seminar that begins next Tuesday in LA.

Now, for my incentive. If I don’t get all of these done by Saturday at Noon, I will send $100 to one of the Evolving Times community members on MyBlogLog.

You can bet that I’ll be squeezing all I can out of the Simpleology System this week!Y

You can join the fun too. Leave a comment below with the top 3-5 targets you would like to be held accountable for this week and what you’re incentive is to get them done. I’ll post my results on Saturday and you can let us know how you did as well.

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      2 Responses to “Monday Motivation For April 2nd”

      1. The Nourisher on April 2nd, 2007 5:48 pm

        Take your time with the grandchildren meme Ed. The benefit is in the imagining. What wonderful future can you vision up?
        Love your blog. Thanks for keeping up with your commitments. It takes a very masculine individual to do so. The benefits of just being that are enormous. For us feminine souls to flower (and Goddess does the world need that), we need your masculinity to embrace us. I luckily have such a partner who always keeps his word and to whom integrity is the most valuable asset he has. I can trust him so deeply it’s ecstatic.

      2. Edward Mills on April 3rd, 2007 8:13 am

        Hi Joanne

        It’s funny that I never thought of accountability in those terms – masculine. But what you say rings true. So thank you for the insight and the acknowledgment. Sometimes we all need a bit of outside perspective to recognize something about ourselves.

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