Aloha Everybody. I’ll See You On The 21st.

I’m off to the beaches of Kauai for a relaxing week with my wife and no daughter! This is the first time we’ll be without Ella for more than 2-days since she was born 3 ½ years ago! I’m feeling an interesting mix of excitement and anticipation with a bit of melancholy.

There’s a little bit of that “will she be all right?” voice in my head. Fortunately the, “I can’t wait to be lying on the beach,” voice is significantly louder right now!

Just a few updates on what will be happening here at Evolving Times while I’m gone.

The curious thing is that I’ve actually got more posts scheduled to come out next week than I have in quite a few weeks. Strange how that works. I finished a couple of drafts that had been lying around for a while, followed the advice of Darren Rowse and updated a couple of timeless, but Underperforming Posts from the early days of Evolving Times, and have thrown in a couple of quick, fun entries. I think you’ll enjoy what I’ve got for you while I’m gone.

And who knows, you may even see a live, from the beach, post or two while I’m gone!

However, I will NOT be actively responding to comments while I’m gone. (I will make attempt to moderate comments at least a couple of times while I’m gone). I’ll do my best to get caught up when I return, but no guarantees. I also will not be responding to email contacts while I’m away. But I will get caught up with those when I return.

And finally, I will not be hosting a Law of Attraction Live radio show on Monday. Tune in to BlogTalkRadio on the 21st for the next Law of Attraction Live radio show. And you can listen to all the archived shows at the Evolving Times host page.

Have a great week. I’ll see you when I get back!

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      One Response to “Aloha Everybody. I’ll See You On The 21st.”

      1. Aaron M. Potts on May 12th, 2007 10:04 am


        The only emotion I am having right now stronger than envy is the sincere surety that you are about to have some absolutely wonderful days, and that makes me happy. 🙂

        Enjoy yourself, and we’ll all look forward to hearing about the trip upon your return.

        p.s. – Say hello to the Na Pali Coast for me!

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