Monday Motivation For May 14th – AHHH

Aloha. I’m writing to you from the sunny beaches of Kauai…

Just kidding. I wrote this Saturday, before I left!

My Monday Motivation is quite simple this week. And I really need your help with this. This week, my major target is… “AAAAAHHHHH.” With maybe just a bit of “ZZZZZZZ,” thrown in!

And here’s where you come in. If you catch me responding to comments or posting more than one or two live entries, give me a kick in the butt and remind me to get back to the beach!

You’ll make the call this week. If, between now and Saturday, you think I’ve spent too much time hanging around here when I could have been snorkeling with Sea Turtles, one lucky member of the Evolving Times Mybloglog community will get $100!


Oh, and those of you who have been paying attention to these Monday Motivation posts may have noticed that I did NOT post an entry looking for an intern by last Thursday. That was an intentional decision. Given that I’m lying on the beach in Kauai right this entire week, I realized it would have been a bit silly to post for that position last week. Look for the posting on the 22nd.

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      One Response to “Monday Motivation For May 14th – AHHH”

      1. Renee on May 15th, 2007 9:12 pm

        So… how are the sea turtles?

        (careful…. this is a TEST!) 😉

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