Perfect Timing For Some Inspiration

A client just sent me this Mac Anderson Power of Attitude video. It’s perfect timing and the perfect follow-up to my earlier post about the lesson in action that I learned from my audition for Mark Joyner’s 7-Day Business Turnaround program.

It’s a 3-minute video and well worth the time! Go watch The Power of Attitude now.

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      One Response to “Perfect Timing For Some Inspiration”

      1. Lynne Morrell on June 29th, 2007 5:41 am

        Great blog!

        I get what your saying and am checking in with my own internal story telling to the Universe. I tend to live in the dream more then the action. I love the dream…sitting around, listening to tunes or playing in my garden…imagining clients pouring in or blogs being written…or my house being cleaned…and then I realize that I need to get up and DO something…it aint gonna dream into reality!

        The interesting part of this is that not only do I love to dream, I also love the feel of action. I love focused intention! It feels fantastic to write a good, thoughtful blog. It feels great to get out and meet new people. It feels energizing to clean my beautiful home.

        Maybe for me its about both the dream and the action…loving em both. Ya know?

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