Some Saturday Link Love

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Northern California. This morning on my hike I saw three separate big-eared Jackrabbits, a family of deer, a gaggle (is that the right word) of wild turkey, heard a couple of Piliated Woodpeckers and stopped to watch a black ant colony move their home. It was incredible following the line of tiny ants as they marched along the edge of the trail for well over 100 feet before disappearing into the tangle of brush along the side.

And now, as I sit here in one of my favorite cafes, it feels like a good day for a nice relaxing dose of link love.

First, my apologies to Walks The Edge at The Growing Edge and Maria Palma of The Good Life who tagged me for the High Vibes game. Somehow your tags slipped in under my radar and I missed you when I responded the High Vibe It meme.

Thanks for tagging me into the game and spreading the High Vibes!

And speaking of memes, the Face Behind the Name meme has turned me on to a couple of great blogs that I’d like to share with you.

Hamelife is a wonderful blog for “parents who want to be different.” Rory shared his Life in Five Chapters for the meme.

And on a lighter note, I got a good chuckle out of the sucky domain names Wendy included in her serious-ish post, Does Your Domain Name Suck?

I hope your Saturday is as awesome as mine is turning out to be. Or, better yet, I hope you create an awesome day for yourself!

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      2 Responses to “Some Saturday Link Love”

      1. Rory on June 9th, 2007 1:40 pm

        Edward, thank you very much for the link to my site, and for your encouraging words. And I must say how much I appreciated your very kind comments over at hamelife.

        Here’s to very much hoping our paths cross again. Thank you.

      2. Edward Mills on June 9th, 2007 2:24 pm

        You’re very welcome Rory. I have a feeling our paths will definitely be crossing again!

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