Sometimes Attraction Means You Just Gotta …

Before I fill in that blank, let me recount a story that I was reminded of a few months ago in this post that highlighted Mark Joyner’s Surprising Thoughts on The Law of Attraction.You know the story …

A priest loses his house in a flood. He sits on the roof of his house waiting for “the lord” to come save him.

A friend comes by in a boat offering him a ride to safety and he says, “No thanks, the lord will save me.”

Then a National Guard rescue boat comes by … “No thanks, fellahs, the lord will provide.”

Then to his surprise the house sinks deeper and deeper …

And then the priest drowns.

Up in heaven he says to God, “Why didn’t you save me?”

God replies, “What are you talking about?!  I sent your friend. I sent the National Guard. What were you thinking saying ‘No?'”

The point is obvious, really.

We can attract all the opportunity we want in our life, but if we don’t act on that opportunity, guess what … It ain’t the universe’s fault – it’s our fault!

I got to taste a bit of this medicine last week when I realized that Actions really do Speak Louder Than Words.
Well even though I wasn’t chosen to be in Mark’s initial group of Space Monkeys for his 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit, I have had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the program, and if the rest of it is as good as what I’ve seen (and I know it will be!) this program is not to be missed!

It sure looks like, with this program, Mark is going to make it virtually impossible for your business to fail.

This isn’t the Universe sending a little boat to bail out your business – you’re getting the whole dang Navy!

So, if you’re reading this post right now (which you are), remember that you attracted this post to yourself for a reason.

If you’re like me you could probably use a little help to turn your business into a profit-machine.  Well, that’s why you’re reading this post.

You’ve attracted the answer.

And like Joe Vitale says, “money loves speed,” so Mark has made this really easy for you to act fast.

He’s taken down virtually every barrier you can imagine (not even money is an issue – go check it out) and made it virtually impossible for you to fail.

Provided you take action!!!

You even get to spend 7 day with Mark coaching you (as a group of course) over the phone.

I seriously doubt that Mark will offer this kind of group coaching again. And if he does, you can bet that it won’t be free!

Now, about that sentence up above – Sometimes attraction means that you just gotta…

… Pay Attention.

The Universe is sending you a boat right now.  Will you get on?

I know I’m gonna be on it. And it would be great to have you there with me!

I’d really hate to see you go down with the house!

And if you act fast, there’s still a chance to be chosen to be in the next round of Space Monkeys and get the entire program, plus coaching from Mark for free. But you really do need to act fast.

Go check it out now!

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      3 Responses to “Sometimes Attraction Means You Just Gotta …”

      1. Alan on July 3rd, 2007 11:31 am

        Hi there 🙂 . I think we do have to take action to some degree, but if we are working with the law of attraction that action will be inspired, and natural, like flowing. For example not worrying about how to get clients and sales and all of a sudden meeting someone who has great contacts or reading an ad about a great way to advertise and boom, the clients start to flow like crazy. Thats what I have seen so far, it really is effortless, doesn’t mean its actionless.

      2. James Soh on July 12th, 2007 2:13 am

        Hi Alan, in a sense, you were taking action by talking to that someone with great contacts and read the ad that helped you. I was effortless because you were in sync with the Law of Attraction. 🙂

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