Aloha Spirit Is Alive

In May, my wife and I took a weeklong vacation to Hawaii. It was our first extended trip alone (without baby) since Ella was born over 3 ½ years ago. During our time there we had the opportunity to connect in a much deeper way than we had in the past 3-plus years.

As graduates of the 2-year Master of Intuition Medicine program at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, California, we both use our training in our work with others, though we rarely find the time during our regular life to work on each other. We did in Hawaii.


While Melissa was working on me I had some very interesting insights and felt quite a bit of old “stuff” clearing out. But the most interesting and awakening moment for me came at the very end of the session.

Normally, at the end of our intuitive sessions we follow a specific energy “protocol” to complete and close the session. However, when Melissa was finishing her work with me, she felt guided to use a new and unfamiliar energy in the closing protocol.

When she asked me if that was ok, I told her it was fine. (I tend to be less attached to following protocols than she is, but that’s another story!).

Even though this energy was new and unfamiliar it filled me with a sense of belonging and a feeling that I was being held. It felt like I was being pulled into the embrace of a large, loving grandmother and being completely wrapped in her welcoming arms.

But within that sense of belonging there was also a strong and distinctive undercurrent of forward motion and awakening running through that energy.

It was unlike any energy I had experienced prior to this session. Soft, warm, nurturing and accepting and yet catalyzing and purposeful at the same time.

I felt accepted for who I am now and encouraged to become more fully and truly me. It was a powerful and strange feeling.

After the session, while Melissa took a shower, I walked across the street to “our” beach on the north shore of Kauai. Standing at the edge of the water, watching the waves flowing into the shore I had one of those experiences that really can’t be fully expressed in words. I felt the energy Melissa had just used flowing up into me from the Earth. And as it flowed into me I had the clear sense that I was being “shown” the creation and history of that energy.

The Hawaiian Islands are quite “young,” geologically speaking. Kauai, the island we were on, is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, having emerged from the ocean floor a mere 5 million years ago. While the youngest island, Hawaii or The Big Island, is still in the process of being forming.

As I stood there on that beautiful, calm, and peaceful beach, I could feel that, because of its relative geologic youthfulness, the vast energy of the island’s creation is still alive in the rocks that underlie the land. The heat and fire of the upheaval that forced the molten lava up out of the ocean still lives in the essence of that island.

But that heat and fire has been softened and tempered by the coolness of the lush vegetation that now covers the island as well as the pristine water that surrounds it.

And then I had a flash of intuition that told me that I was experiencing Aloha energy.

I had heard of the Aloha Spirit, but I always thought that it meant the courtesy and warmth you feel from the residents of the islands.

It never occurred to me that Aloha Spirit referred to the energy of the Islands themselves.

I know that Aloha means many things to the indigenous people of the islands: Hello, goodbye, love, and probably much more that I’m not aware of.

But in that moment, on the beach, I have no doubt that I was feeling the True Spirit of Aloha. It was much more than a word, it was a living presence embedded in the essence of that land and I felt it holding me, accepting me and also urging me to become a more complete expression of my essence.

Standing there, basking in that energy, I understood why so many people are drawn to those islands. And I knew that I would return.

And I know also that every place has its own essence, its own unique energy. And no matter where you are, you can tap into the essence of your place to find acceptance, support and encouragement.

Try it.

Go outside and find a quiet spot. Feel your feet on the Earth. Let go of your connection to daily concerns and stress. And invite that energy to join you.

It will!

You may not notice it at first. But if you continue to make time to go outside and find those quiet places you will begin to feel the Spirit of your place!

And when you do, you will know the beautiful feeling of being held and accepted while also being encouraged to move forward into a bigger, and more complete expression of who you truly are.

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      2 Responses to “Aloha Spirit Is Alive”

      1. Mike Shea on July 28th, 2007 8:10 am

        Thank you Ed for sharing your experience with Mother Earth. I have sat many times, as you well know, with Mother Earth. For me, the longer I sit or lay with her, the more I feel wrapped in her arms. I feel her love and acceptance and she has laid out the path that I must seek to be bigger.
        Thanks again for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story with all of us. You ROCK!

      2. Edward Mills on August 4th, 2007 8:04 pm

        Hi Mike. Yes, I do know! And from one Mineral to another.. You Rock!

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