And Now The REAL 7-Day Business Turnaround Begins

If you were paying attention, you noticed that I ended last week’s series on Mark Joyner’s new 7-Day Business Turnaround after Day 3. Here’s why:

While I was on the community forum for the program I came across a post by Mark Joyner that said, in essence, You can go through the program on your own now, but keep in mind that, beginning next week, we’re going to be adding some serious rocket fuel to your progress.

When I read that, I decided to wait for the rocket fuel!

And last night’s call with Mark Joyner and Joe Vitale definitely provided some major fuel!

There was a great discussion about the Law of Attraction and the importance of taking action. One of the reasons I have always been “attracted” to Joe Vitale is because he is one of the best examples I have seen of someone who is integrating the powerful tools and processes of the Law of Attraction with concrete, inspired action.

The results he has achieved speak for themselves!

And I love that Mark Joyner, someone who clearly leans more in the direction of focused action, is willing to bring on a “Law of Attraction teacher” to help inspire and empower our journey through this 7-Day Business Turnaround!

So today, Day 2, I’ll be revisiting my plans for cutting the fat from my business to see if there are any other areas where I can reduce my expenses.

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