Business Turnaround – Day 2

Just finished the Day-2 lessons from Mark Joyner’s 7-Day Business Turnaround Program. Today is all about “stopping the bleeding.”

If your business expenses are out of control. If you’re drowning in debt. If you’re behind on payments, this is the day for you!

Fortunately, my business is not there. But, I’ve still found a bunch of fat to trim.

As I said yesterday, I immediately cut over $300 from my monthly expenses. With my work on today’s lessons, I’ll save a few more dollars, but there’s not really much left to cut.

And now I’m ready to move onto Day 3 – the start of the Cash Injection! It’s a good sign that the Day 3 lesson falls on Independence Day!

And, in case you’re thinking of signing up for the program, here’s a quick note from Mark:

Just a final reminder that all of this [the incredible bonus package] goes away midnight Eastern time tonight:

7-Day Business Turnaround Program

After that, the 7 Day kit will be available, but …

… The Chance to Get Live Coaching with Mark Will Be Gone

… Your Seat in the Coaching with Dr. Hudson Will Be Given
to Someone Else

And, it’s also very possible that we won’t offer it on a “trial” basis after this as well …

So, if you have a business and even a tiny desire to give it the new injection of life I *know* the “Kit” will give it, then you’ll need to move very quickly:

7-Day Business Turnaround Program

When the bonuses are gone they’re gone.

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