Harry Potter Is NOT A Distraction!

My wife and I were surprised Saturday morning when a box from Amazon showed up at our front door. Turns out my mom had pre-ordered us a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

After seeing the new movie on Friday evening, the book’s arrival turned this into a full-blown Harry Potter weekend.

I’m sure it was a complete coincidence that I was feeling a bit “under the weather” on Saturday and didn’t have a lot of energy…just enough to sit around reading for most of the day!

Melissa decided to go back and re-read book 6. So that left me free to dive into the latest and last installment. Although, despite my best intentions I didn’t manage to finish the book over the weekend. Having a 3 1/2 year old definitely cuts into reading time.

And now that Monday has arrived, I made sure to leave the book safely at home, where it is unable to tempt me with its spell! Harry Potter will not be a distraction from work!

Although, I suppose I could go home for lunch…

So how many of you spent the weekend sitting in your comfy chair, turning the pages and uncovering the secrets and the answers to the questions?

Leave a comment, but just be sure you don’t give anything away!

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      2 Responses to “Harry Potter Is NOT A Distraction!”

      1. Gayla McCord on July 23rd, 2007 3:04 pm

        I got the book Saturday too. As much as I tried to schedule the full day to read, the kids had other plans. There wasn’t a quiet moment to be had.

        I’m probably going to celebrate their back to school days in just 22 days with a nice Irish Coffee and my Harry Potter book.

        Until then, I’m avoiding the discussions about the actual book like the plague.

      2. Edward Mills on July 23rd, 2007 3:19 pm

        Hi Gayla

        Our two neighbors that lie behind us finished the book yesterday. They each bought their own copy and do not have kids!

        We have sworn them to silence until we finish.

        One of them did, very mysteriously say, “All questions are answered!”

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