The 7-Day Business Turnaround Begins Today

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Last night, Mark Joyner’s 7-Day Business Turnaround Program went live. If you’re already a Simpleology member you probably noticed the new links to the Simpleology Intensives in the right column.

I’ve been waiting for this program ever since I heard that Mark had something new up his sleeve. Even before the launch I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of action. So you can bet that I was ready for this.

I signed up for the program last night within an hour of its launch so I’ll be getting the bonuses that Mark is giving to anyone who signs up within the first 48-hours. (I would have signed up without the bonuses, but don’t tell Mark that!)

Today, I have spent most of the day going through the Day 1 lessons, worksheets and videos. Day 1 is all about clarity: Getting clear about where your business is. No more “head in the sand” excuses when it comes to my business.

Here’s the bottom line: My expenses are too high and my income is too low.

Sound familiar?

Working with the program guidelines I immediately lopped $300 off of my monthly expenses (not bad for a couple hours work). And there are a few more items that I need to negotiate and/or dump.

The goal of the 7-Day Business Turnaround is to do a “cash injection” on your business so that, by the end of the day 7, your income is at least double your expenses.

That will be sweet!

Now that I’ve finished Day 1, I’m tempted to move on to Day 2. But I’m going to resist that temptation. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll jump into the lessons refreshed and ready to go.

I’ll be posting more as I go. But, because I truly believe in this program, let me give you a quick pitch before I sign off:

Mark has gone a bit a crazy, I think. He’s letting people sign up and pay nothing for 7-days. That means you can go through the entire 7-day program and if you don’t like it (or even if you do, but don’t feel like paying him) you can just ask them to cancel your order and they won’t charge you a dime!

This is definitely a business model that is aligned with the Law of Attraction.

Will some people take advantage of it and go through the program, reap the benefits and then cancel their orders?

You bet.

But you know what? A lot more people, folks like you and me, will sign up for this program, go through the seven days, and gladly pay for the program at the end!

And we’ll be the ones that watch see our businesses turnaround and take off!

Oh, and one more thing: If you sign up by tomorrow, those bonuses I mentioned are incredible. Mark’s going to lead a weeklong coaching class, personally taking us through the program. And, he’s also created two other intensives based on his best-selling books, The Irresistible Offer and The Great Formula.

I am totally jazzed about the Irresistible Offer Intensive! And they’re both included if you sign up by tomorrow. After tomorrow they’ll be at least $97 each.

Yes, I know, I may not be completely unbiased. But, if your business is in need of a cash injection, if you’re in debt, or just getting by, or even if you’re business is profitable but not thriving, I truly believe that this program can turn it around for you.

Of course it’s all contingent upon your willingness to do the work. If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to go through the lessons, worksheets and videos, don’t bother.

We’ll all see, but I believe that at the end of the 7-Day Business Turnaround program I’m going to look back and say, “I was where seven days ago?”

Look, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don’t have the cash flow that you want in your business, go sign up now, check out the program and all the bonuses for the next 7-days and if you truly don’t believe that you have benefited from it, just tell them to cancel your order.

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