I Want You To Make A Lot Of Mistakes For 7 Weeks


[Author’s Advisory: Shameless self-promotion ahead!]

“What’s that you say, Ed?”

“I want you to make a lot of mistakes for the next 7-weeks.”

Now why in the world would I want to encourage you to make mistakes? Because, in my opinion, mistakes provide us with one of the most effective paths to success and improvement…

When they are handled in the right way.

Now if your idea of handling mistakes is to shrug your shoulders and say “Oh well, that’s the way it is,” I can’t help you.

But if you view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow and want to go out and make a few mistakes and then get some immediate coaching, feedback, and suggestions about how to do it better next time, I can help you.

I’m creating a new program, the 7-week Life Turnaround program, that begins on Monday, September 10th. This program will not only teach you how to put the Law of Attraction into action in your life, it will provide you with a supportive, accelerated learning environment where you will learn in action and make significant, positive change in one specific area of your life.

Does your financial house need some cleaning up? If so, you can focus on that.
Could your relationship with your life partner be a bit smoother? You can work on that.
Is it time for a new job or career? Spend the next 7-weeks focused on that.
Is there a creative project you’ve been putting on the back burner for too long? Move it up to the front for the next 7-weeks.

This program grew out of my observation that far too many people discover the Law of Attraction, get all excited about its potential, but then get discouraged because they don’t know how to put it into action in their life.

This course will take you through a step-by-step 7-week process for successfully applying the Law of Attraction in your life.

When I release the final version of this program, it’s most likely going to be a self-study course with an e-book, recordings and worksheets.

But for this beta test, I’m going to work with 7 participants. This will give me the ability to refine the content, make changes on the fly based on feedback, and create a truly valuable final product based on the outcomes from this first group.

So because it’s the first run and I’ll be using you as Guinea Pigs, the cost of this program is less than what I would charge for the private coaching. Keep in mind that I don’t even offer private coaching anymore. But when I did, I was charging $250/hour.

Now you might ask why I would charge someone to go through a trial version.

Well, I learned long ago that when people get something for nothing, that’s usually the value they associate with it. And it’s much easier for someone to sign up for a free program and never show up.

I want 7 participants who are truly committed to making significant changes in their lives.

But, what I have done, is to set the cost for this program at less than the cost of the private coaching lessons. That way, if the rest of the program sucks (it won’t) you’ll still be getting a great deal.

So, if you want to turn your life around in 7-weeks, go check out the 7-week Life Turnaround page and sign up now. There are just two spaces left!

Weave Your Web Where No One Will Walk Through It


It’s spider-time here. Each year in late summer a slew of little light brown stripy spiders takes up residence outside of our house. Yes, the outside part is good!

Every morning when I step out onto the front porch, at least 3 or 4 of their perfectly woven webs great me, sparkling in the light of the rising sun. It’s a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately there always seems to be one in the bunch that has a hard time with the concept of “Location, location, location.” This one little guy or gal inevitably builds a web right in the middle of the stairway leading to the door. And because of the way the threads are attached there’s no room to duck under or step over.

So unfortunately, there is no choice but to dismantle the web.

I wish there was another way. I wish I could pick up the entire web and move it over. But I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Usually, I sit on the step for a moment, admiring the beauty of the web and acknowledging the skill that went into its creation.

And then I gently disconnect one of the anchor threads, giving the spider a chance to gather up the threads, before disconnecting the next one.

This morning as I admired an exceptional example of web weaving that happened to be smack dab in the middle of the stairway, I began to consider how many times I have built my web in the middle of a road, metaphorically speaking, of course.

Just like that spider’s web, our creations are delicate things; it doesn’t take much to destroy them. And if we create them in a spot where they will not be welcomed or worse, where they will be seen as a nuisance, it’s very likely that they will be damaged or destroyed.

Have you ever been to a restaurant that was displaying art that was heavy and dark and downright unappetizing? Have you ever heard a musician playing beautiful, sweet music in the corner of a loud, rowdy bar?

For every edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival there are at least 3-4 submissions that, while beautifully written, have nothing to do with the Law of Attraction. So I have to break the news to the authors that their entries will not be included.

Sometimes it seems that we have a collective belief that our creativity is not going to be accepted and appreciated. So we set ourselves up for failure – unconsciously of course – by choosing locations for our creative expression that are obviously inappropriate. On some level, we have an expectation that our creation will be rejected and so we attract that reality into our lives.

Can you think of times in your life when you have built your web right in the middle of a doorway? What did it feel like when that first person opened the door and walked right through it?

Can you imagine a different scenario in which you build your web in a different spot, a place where it will be seen and admired and valued for its beauty and uniqueness?

Now, one thing I’ve noticed about these spiders is that as the season progresses there are fewer webs built on the stairway. Now I can’t tell you if this is because the spiders get smart and figure out that the stairs are not a great place to build their webs or, if it’s because the spiders that keep building their webs on the stairs die.

But what I can tell you is that we’re smarter than spiders (I can sense some of you getting ready to argue that point). Albert Einstein once said, or perhaps it was Benjamin Franklin, or maybe no one of any particular merit actually ever said it: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It doesn’t actually matter if anyone ever said it. The point is that we can learn from our experiences and try it differently the next time.

What creative project are you working on that might benefit from a slight change in location?

Curb Your Enthusiasm…NOT!


[Authors’ Note. I wrote the first draft of this article almost 1-year ago. But while the event that triggered this article might be old-news, the lesson is timeless. Enjoy!]

One of my daughter’s, favorite activities recently is the wild and exuberant release of a sound that is a cross between a Tarzan yodel and a Native American war whoop. She starts out softly and increases the volume as she pats her hand on and off her mouth. It’s an expression of pure enthusiasm and joy for life.

There is no pattern that I can discern, no rhyme or reason to her whooping. It happens spontaneously and rises up from the depth of her being at unexpected and completely random moments. It’s as if the beauty, excitement and joy of this life become too much for her to hold inside any longer and she lets them out!

When we’re at the park or on the beach it’s great. When we’re home it’s usually fine. When we’re in the car it’s all right, although it certainly does echo quite a bit in that small space.

But when we’re in the grocery store, or a restaurant, or the video store, I feel compelled to moderate the volume a bit.

And when we’re on a plane, or at a funeral well…

On our trip to my father-in-law’s funeral, I had the opportunity to experience both of those.

During the 5-hour flight to Nashville, there were numerous repetitions of:

“Stop kicking the seat, Ella.”
“The person in front of you doesn’t like it.”
“It’s uncomfortable.”

And then there were the multiple refrains of:

“No we can’t walk up and down the aisle again.”
“The fasten seat belt sign is on.”
“Because the captain thinks it could be bumpy?”

And then there were those moments when I heard her winding up into one of those whoops. And I knew that wasn’t going to go over very well on the plane! A couple of times I actually had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her whoops. Which, of course, made her think it was a game and caused her to do it with even more intensity.

You get the general idea.

When we arrived in Nashville, and connected with Melissa, Ella was able to let out some big whoops. And I encouraged her to get as much of it out of her system as she could before we got to the family’s house.

And then came the funeral. It was hard enough keeping tabs on Ella while we all waited to go into the sanctuary. (Thank goodness the funeral home had a kid’s room with books and puzzles and games!)

Finally the staff came and let us know it was time. They ushered us into the sanctuary and wheeled “Pop-pop” in. And the moment the preacher stepped up to the podium, Ella suddenly had the inspiration to start singing. And so she did!

Now, personally, I can’t think of anything more appropriate for a funeral than singing! Especially when it’s coming from the cutest three-year-old girl ever!

But apparently not everyone shared my opinion, and Ella’s. So we went outside where Ella could sing and dance and whoop it up as much as she wanted.

The whole experience, from plane flight to funeral, made me painfully aware of how often I was asking Ella to curb her enthusiasm. I became acutely aware of how enthusiasm un-friendly our culture really is. I mean how many places are there where a kid, or an adult for that matter, can really let loose and whoop it up?

How often do our children hear “shh,” or “stop that,” or “use your inside voice,” or “calm down or you’ll get a time-out?”

How often did you hear those things when you were a child?

Is it any wonder that the vast majority of us mature grown-up types have a hard time connecting with our passion and enthusiasm? Most of us had our passion “shushed” out of us by the time we were three!

Now I know I can’t always give Ella free-reign to let loose with her whoops, but helping her to grow up with her enthusiasm intact is more important to me than being socially acceptable. I want her to grow up with that zest for life still bubbling up from within her. So I occasionally find myself walking the fine line between what is culturally acceptable and what feels best for Ella.

Fortunately, we have found pre-schools that encourage that enthusiasm rather than attempting to stifle it, and Ella has wonderful “friends” (babysitters) that encourage and even join in her passionate expressions of joy.

And even I’ve gotten into the habit of joining her whenever possible, showing her that, yes, there’s even hope for the old-fogeys in her life!

If you haven’t tried it lately, I assure you, there is something truly thrilling and awakening in the pure uninhibited expression of joy and enthusiasm.

What about you? Where does your pure, uninhibited enthusiasm for life come out? Anywhere?

Well, if not, where do you begin to touch the edge of your enthusiasm? Where do you feel your excitement beginning to bubble up to the surface?

Sill not happening?

Well then, where do you begin to feel the ice of inhibition and constriction breaking? What activities, places, people, begin to awaken your joie de vivre, that innate joy for life that you carry deep inside you?

As you discover these activities, people and places, start making space for them. Allow your enthusiasm to awaken. And when you hear that voice in your head saying, “shh,” or “calm down,” or “Use your inside voice,” I encourage you to stick your tongue out in its general direction and get even louder!

And here’s a tip: There’s nothing like a good Tarzan yodel to break the inhibition and awaken that passion that’s waiting to come out. Come on; give it a try right now.

I double dare you!

Law of Attraction Carnival #25: 1-Year Of Attraction In Action


Welcome to the August 28th, 2007 edition of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival, the longest running blog carnival devoted to the exploration of the Law of Attraction and its powerful applications in daily life.

This edition marks the official one-year anniversary of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival, and to celebrate, we’re having a party!

There’s still one week left to go in the party. And there are some excellent prizes still up for grabs including the grand prizes! So go ahead and get your entries in now!

For this anniversary edition I chose the topic, “How Far Have We Come?” The intention was to look at both where we were 1-year ago and how the Law of Attraction has transformed our lives.

I’ll go ahead and start with just a couple of observations. I’ll leave the heavy lifting to the amazing authors who have contributed to this carnival.

One obvious area where the Law of Attraction has worked is with this blog. One year ago, in August 2006 I had a whopping 1017 unique visitors and a grand total of 8600 page views!

Fast forward one-year and as of today, there have been over 38,000 unique visitors to Evolving Times and nearly 150,000 page views for the month of August.

In the financial area, in the past 12-months my monthly business income has tripled. And more important, my monthly passive income has gone from $0 to over $1000.

And all of that has happened while working less! Yes, it’s taken work to become more productive. I’ve utilized some amazing tools including Simpleology, the Holosync Solution and recently I’ve begun incorporating many of the suggestions in the 4-Hour Work Week. And that productivity is exactly what I have been “asking” for this past year!

And, while all of that is great, the biggest change that the Law of Attraction has empowered in my life, and the one I am most thrilled about is a new, deeper level of connection with some truly awesome people.

Wolf has long been one of my power animals. And for most of my life I have embodied the “Lone Wolf” aspect. In the last year, I have set a very clear intention to connect deeply with positive, supportive, high-vibration people. And that intention has manifested in so many ways: Ways that I never could have imagined a year ago.

It feels great to be a part of the awesome “pack” that I have attracted!

I’ll be writing more about these changes in the next few weeks. But for now I want to turn it over to the the rest of the pack to share their observations and insights into the Law of Attraction.

But before we get to that, I want to offer you my deepest appreciation for being part of the community that has formed around Evolving Times and around this Law of Attraction Blog Carnival!

And now, onto the Carnival!

Featured Entries

For this edition, our featured entries are from the authors who wrote about the personal changes they have seen from the Law of Attraction.

Let’s begin with Aaron M. Potts at Today is that Day who gives us 1 Year of Health, Wealth, and Positivity Answer the Question – Does the Law of Attraction Work? Here’s a taste of what Aaron has to say:

…my life changed because in the 90 minutes that it took me to watch the movie [The Secret] and to learn about the Law of Attraction, I became aware. I realized with great torrents of emotion that I was far more in charge of my life than I had been giving myself credit for, or that I had been taking responsibility for, either.

Next, Lyman Reed at Creating a Better Life presents Choice and Blame (or Who Decides When I Get Off Of The Bus?). Lyman emphatically reminds us that, “Bring the Law of Attraction into it, and even those things that we would never choose consciously become choices.” As he has moved from blame to responsibility Lyman has experienced some pretty dramatic changes in his life!

Dean Lacono presents The Most Important Part of the Law Of Attraction (IMHO) posted at Law of Attraction for Beginners. Dean’s biggest Law of Attraction lessons have come in the area of appreciateion and gratitude. He says, “Since applying appreciation to my daily life, wonderful things have started to come into my life. I see the world with a whole new approach and with new eyes.”

Patricia Singleton at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker shares how the Law of Attraction has been instrumental in her journey into self-love. In her post, The Secret—Loving Yourself, she says, “Now after reading The Secret, I know that loving myself is even more important if I want to manifest the world of my dreams.”

Jeannette Maw at the Law of Attraction Playground, gives us Conquering My Nemesis. Want to know what her nemesis is? Think canine. Think territory. Think “Bad dog!”

And finally, Jon at Jointhesecret gives us Law of Attraction – The secret to how it works for me. A big piece of the Law of Attraction is asking for, trusting and acting upon your guidance. If you’ve never seen a goldfish-shaped strawberry, be sure to read this post!

And that’s it for the Featured Entries. Remember, to be included in the featured entries section you must submit an entry that specifically addresses the topic for that edition.

Now on to the Best of the Rest.

Stephen Martile presents Accelerating the Law of Attraction (Appreciation Sob) posted at Stephen Martile.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Memories Are Made of The Things We Do, Not The Things We Buy posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Action and Satisfaction posted at Tupelo Kenyon.

Enoch Tan presents Letting Go allows You to Flow in Abundance posted at Secrets of Mind and Reality – MindReality.com.

Jody presents The Trinity Project – Thoughts For the Day posted at The Trinity Project.

Dominic Tay presents How To Deal With Negativity posted at Dominic Tay Dot Com. Israel Cruz presents The One Universal Mind posted at The Secret Summarized.

Warren Wong presents The Key To A Healthy Relationship posted at Personal Development for INTJs.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. My thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for this carnival.

You can link to all of the past editions on the Law of Attraction Homepage.

The next edition will be published on Tuesday, September 11th. And since we know that there are no coincidences, let’s devote that edition to an exploration of:

how the Law of Attraction works in relation to large-scale world events, including natural and man-made disasters.

Yes, it’s a difficult subject, but we’re here on the Leading Edge of Thought because we’re willing to explore those difficult subjects. So let’s see what we can come up with!

So join in the fun and the celebration and submit your entries at the Law of Attraction BlogCarnival page.

And if you’re interested in hosting an upcoming edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival, drop me a line using the contact form above.

3 Law of Attraction Books To Add To Your Fall Reading List


The lineup of Fall releases for Law of Attraction books is looking great! I was just poking around at Amazon and found three awesome Law of Attraction books to add to my Autumn reading list! Here they are.

The Astonishing Power of EmotionsPower of Emotions

First up is a new book from Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham) The Astonishing Power of Emotions. If you’ve been reading Evolving Times for a while, you know that the importance and power of emotions within the Law of Attraction is a big piece of the puzzle for me. And if you’ve been following the Teachings of Abraham for any length of time you have probably noticed the shift in Abraham’s approach to emotions in relation to the Law of Attraction. So I am particularly interested in seeing what specific information they share in this new book. The description says that this book:

will help you understand the emotions that you’ve been experiencing all of your life. Instead of the out-of-control, knee-jerk reactions that most people have to their ever-changing life experience, this work will put those responses into a broader context. You’ll come to understand what emotions are, what each of them means, and how to effectively utilize your new awareness of them.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions is also available as an 8-CD Audio set.

The Key: The Missing Secret for Attraction Anything You Want

The KeyNext is Joe Vitale’s new book, The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want. Hot on the heels of Joe’s success with Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More, his book on the Hawaiian healing art Ho’oponopono, The Key expands on the work Joe began with The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) fro
m the Inside Out
and fills in some of the missing pieces. Here’s a blurb from the description:

The Key shows how a person must first rid themselves of unconscious self-limiting beliefs if they want to reach their full potential and attain the things they say they want from life. Inside every person are “counter-intentions” that actually attract the things they don’t want and prevent them from getting those things they do. The Key reveals ten proven ways to remedy the situation and end self-sabotage forever. For anyone who knows they can achieve more but doesn’t know why it isn’t working for them, The Key reveals the psychological and unconscious limitations that are holding them back. Like all of Joe Vitale’s other bestselling books, The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want offers real, practical wisdom for anyone who wants to get more out of life.

The Secret Gratitude Book GratitudeBook

And finally, Rhonda Byrne, the creator of the movie and book, The Secret (Extended Edition), has The Secret Gratitude Book on the way. This is being touted as the “only official, authorized companion book” to The Secret. The description goes on to say “The Secret Gratitude Book is one of the most powerful tools you can ever use to transform your life into total joy.” Sounds good to me!

As a lifetime learner and a devoted student of the Law of Attraction, I’ll definitely be diving in to these when they come out. You might want to add them to your Fall reading list too!

Let’s Begin The Week With Some Winners!


Sometimes the weekends get a bit full around here, especially as we’re nearing the end of the summer fun season. So I didn’t have a chance to pick and post the Week 3 Winners in the Law of Attraction Carnival Anniversary Party Contest.

I’m still using the Research Randomizer Form to pick the winners. I think having a legitimate reason to use this fun little tool is one of the best reasons for having a contest on your blog!

This week, the contest builds in intensity, with six awesome prizes! So without any further delay, let’s get to the winners!

The first winner this week, comes from the Look Who’s Talking list. (Note that, because there are only 10-people on the top commenters list at any time, the odds of winning a prize if you’re in the top 10 are quite high).

In what can only be described as a beautiful conincidence, Andrea Hess of the Empowered Soul Blog wins a copy of Intuition Medicine – The Science of Energy Book and 8 CDs by Francesca McCartney the founder and director of the Academy of Intuition Medicine and Energy Medicine University.

Next we’ve got some winners from the folks who have linked to Evolving Times in the month of August.

First, Rick Cockrum, at Shards of Consciousness included my post on the Law of Attraction Emotional Scale in his Sunday Reading list. For that link Rick wins a subscription to the Law of Attraction Toolbox Audio Series. Congratulations Rick!

Next, Daniel Sitter of Idea Sellers, added the growing list of Personal Development Bloggers to his blog. And for his link, he wins a copy of the inspiring anthology, Healing The Heart of The World, Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet. Thanks Daniel.

And finally there are three winners from the list of folks who have subscribed to either the Evolving Times RSS Feed or Evolving Times Ezine list.

We have our first two-time winner! Julie Feldman, who won the book 10 ways to make it great, by Phil Gerbyshak in week 1, must be putting out some seriously high vibes, because she just won The Inner Audio Series from Adam Kayce! (Since there’s just one prize per person, Julie will have to decide which one she wants – A very tough choice! So one of these great prizes will go back into the pool for next week’s drawing). Congratulations Julie!

Next, and I must admit that I’m always thrilled when one of my blogging buddies wins, Gleb Reys of Personal Development Ideas, wins a copy of the awesome e-book Energy Harmonics by Aaron Potts of Today Is That Day.

And finally, Vick Kohli wraps up this week’s winners with a copy of Growing Toward Balance by Mary Kearns at Becoming Your Stellar Self.

A huge thank you goes out to all the winners and all of the people who have donated these truly amazing prizes!

If you’re not on this list of winners, remember there’s still one week left and it’s the Grand Prize week with the two complete Simpleology packages, the Guerilla Marketing Toolkit, the Wine Country Weekend Getaway and more all being given away! So get your entries in by doing one or more of the following:

1. Link to Evolving Times. If you have a blog or website, add a link to the Evolving Times blog, the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage, the Party Announement, or another post that you want to share with your readers during the month of August and you’ll automatically be entered to win both the weekly prizes and the grand prizes.

To be sure that you’re added to the list, I would encourage you to also send me an email or leave a comment since some incoming links seem to get lost in the shuffle over at Technorati.

You can send an email to contest at evolvingtimes dot com.

If you are linking from a website [non-blog] you must send me an email or leave a comment because Technorati does not track your links. (You only need to link in once to be eligible for the remaining weekly prizes as well as the bigger prizes at the end of the month).

2. Subscribe to the Evolving Times Feed. Everyone who is an active ET feed subscriber will be eligible to win prizes. (Every subscriber will also receive a special link to the Subscriber Bonus Package which includes some great free gifts and special offers). Again, subscribers will be eligible to receive weekly prizes as well as the bigger prizes. At the bottom of your feed you will find special instructions on how to enter.

You can subscribe to the feed here.

3. Leave a comment or lots of them. You may have noticed that I reset the top commenters list in the sidebar. (I’ve also added the do-follow plugin, so every comment you leave from now on will be an active link back to your blog or website). Each week one of the top ten commenters listed in the sidebar will be chosen at random to win one of the weekly prizes. And at the end of August, the top three folks on that list will be bigger winners. So come on and join the conversation

4. Join my Email subscribtion list. In the spirit of inclusiveness – it was pointed out that not everyone knows what an RSS feed is much less how to subscribe – so you can also enter the contest by joining my email list. Just fill out the simple form below, confirm your subscription and you’ll go directly to the Subscriber Bonus Package page in addition to being entered to win one of the other prizes.



And, yes, if you haven’t already figured it out, doing more than one of these things DOES increase your chances of winning!

Thanks everyone for joining me here for the party. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

Get Your Law of Attraction Carnival Entries In By Monday


Next Tuesday, August 28th, marks the official one-year anniversary of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. And, as you know – I hope! – we’re in the middle of a big party to celebrate the carnival’s anniversary. And there are still two rounds of great prizes left to go. If you haven’t gotten your link in, or subscribed to the Evolving Times feed, or cranked out some comments to get your name on the “Look Who’s Talking” list, do it now! I’ll be picking this week’s winners later today (Friday). But even if you missed this week’s prizes, the grand prizes will be given away next week, so make sure you’re entered to win!

Now, as for next week’s carnival, the theme is, 1-year with the Law of Attraction!

Take this opportunity to write a post that explores how the Law of Attraction has changed your life in the past year (or however long you have been actively using it). Let us know what important lessons you have learned from putting the Law of Attraction into action in your life. What mistakes (there are no mistakes of course) have you made with the Law of Attraction? And how have you learned from them?

For the featured entry section, I’ll choose about 5 entries that focus on personal lessons related to the Law of Attraction that this past year has brought.

So take this opportunity to review your last 12-months working with the Law of Attraction, write up an entry and send it on over. (If you’re new to the Law of Attraction Carnival be sure to check out the submission guidelines on the Law of Attraction Homepage).

Pilates: Build Strength Increase Awareness and Gain Energy


I’ve been working out at our local Pilates studio for about 3 months. (Thanks to Mark Joyner for recommending Pilates in Simpleology 103 as one of the best ways to increase core strength and personal energy).

One of the things that I enjoy about Pilates is that it is far more than just a “pushing weights” type of exercise. With Pilates you have to be fully present with your workout. The machines don’t do the work for you. Each exercise and every movement requires your full awareness.

There have been times when my trainer literally asks me to be aware of 5 or more different things all at once: Contract your abs, neutral spine, relax your shoulders and neck, breath into the back of your ribs…

Not only do I get an incredible workout but the entire process is helping me to achieve a much higher level of physical body awareness than I had before.

Perhaps the most immediately beneficial new awareness I have gained is noticing when I am contracting my neck and shoulders when I don’t need to be.

During my workouts I’m amazed at how often I catch myself (my trainer catches me even more!) with contracted neck and shoulder muscles while performing a low-body exercise. My neck and shoulders are not actively participating, so there is no reason for them to be tight.

By tensing muscles that are not involved in the activity I am expending (wasting) the energy that it takes to contract those muscles.

This awareness has transferred to the rest of my life. Now, when I am typing, I usually notice pretty quickly if I am tensing my neck and shoulders. I notice when my head is shifting forward. I notice when my core has gone soft and I’m slouching down.

All of these contribute to a more energy efficient body. And as I conserve more energy through the use of the powerful core muscles, proper body alignment and relaxing unused muscle groups, I notice that I have more energy available throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a workout that enhances your awareness and increases your energy along with strengthening your body, consider Pilates.

Subscriber Bonus Package Is Available

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So far, your package contains:

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If you’re not yet subscribed to the feed, you can subscribe now and access your bonus package with the information in the next entry.

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Law of Attraction Emotional Scale Redefined – With Help From Marshall Rosenberg


I’ve been teaching this Law of Attraction thing for five years now. And in all that time I’ve struggled to find the right language to explain what Abraham-Hicks calls the emotional scale.

Most of the teaching and writing defines the emotional scale in terms of “good” and “bad” feelings, “positive” and “negative” feelings, “high vibrations” and “low vibrations.”

None of those definitions have felt right to me. Those definitions contribute to the continued, erroneous belief that some emotions are “negative” and should be avoided. In my opinion, and the way I teach the Law of Attraction, all feelings are positive, powerful indicators of our present state. Our emotions, all of them, provide us with some of our clearest guidance on the journey of deliberate creation.

The other day I picked up a little book by Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of Non-violent communication, called, Being Me, Loving You: A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides).

When I read the following passage, a big, bright, lightbulb went off for me:

When I wrote my first book [Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your Values] I put in a list of positive feelings and a list of negative feelings. Then I noticed how people think negative feelings are negative. Since that’s not what I wanted, in my next edition I put the words “positive” and “negative” in quotes, but that still didn’t seem to help. Now I write, “feelings present when our needs are being met” and “feelings present when our needs are not being met” to show how valuable they both are because they are both talking about life.

I knew that Marshall was on the right track. But it wasn’t quite right.

When we approach our lives from the perspective of deliberate creation we must accept that our needs are always being met. Whatever is in our life is in response to something we have “asked” for. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working!

But Marshall’s phrasing led me to what I think is a great definition of the two ends of the emotional scale.

Feelings present when we are allowing our desires.


Feelings present when we are resisting our desires.

When we look at the emotional scale from this perspective, it’s easier to see that all of our emotions are necessary and beneficial.

When you feel excited, you know that you are being given a positive, beneficial sign that you are in a state of allowing your desires. Be grateful and see if you can move even deeper into a state of allowing!

But when you feel angry, realize that, here too, you are being given a positive, beneficial sign that you are resisting some desire. Give thanks! And see if you can begin moving closer to a state of allowing.

Both of these experiences are positive. Indeed, every piece of input from your emotional guidance system is valuable and can lead you closer to your desires. If you let them!

So when you notice strong – or even not-so-strong emotions – see if you can begin thinking about them in these terms: “Is this an emotion of allowing or of resistance? Am I allowing my desires or resisting them?”

By asking this question, you discover where you are on the emotional scale and can begin to take the small, incremental steps to move up. (Not to better emotions but rather to a space of more complete allowing).

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