And The Week Two Winners Are…

In case you’ve just returned from a two-week silent retreat in a cave, August marks the one-year anniversary of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival, and to celebrate, we’re having a big party here at Evolving Times.

This week we have four winners.

If you didn’t win this week or last week, don’t worry, there are still two weeks left to win a prize, and the best prizes are yet to come!

Again, I used the Research Randomizer Form to pick the winners.

Our first winner comes from the list of talkative folks or top commentors. Char at Casual Keystrokes wins a copy of the book Healing the Heart of the World.

Next, from the folks who are subscribed to the Evolving Times RSS Feed, Bev Brewer wins two books – A Guide to Getting It: Purpose and Passion and A Guide to Getting It: Creative Intelligence, both from Laura Young at the Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life

From the growing list of incoming linkers, Cardin Lilly of The Optimist Lab wins a copy of Phil Gerbyshak’s book, 10 ways to make it great.

And finally, also from the incoming link list, Aaron Potts of Today Is That Day wins a copy of Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want.

Now remember winners, you’re still in the running for a grand prize. But if you do win one of the bigger prizes such as one of the Simpleology packages, the Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit or the Wine Country Weekend Retreat, you’ll have to pass your weekly prize onto someone else. But you probably won’t mind!

Now, if you haven’t won yet, don’t worry, there are still two-weeks left in the party and the prizes. If you want to be eligible here’s a recap of how to make sure you’re entered:

1. Link to Evolving Times. If you have a blog or website, add a link to the Evolving Times blog, the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage, the Party Announement, or another post that you want to share with your readers during the month of August and you’ll automatically be entered to win both the weekly prizes and the grand prizes.

To be sure that you’re added to the list, I would encourage you to also send me an email or leave a comment since some incoming links seem to get lost in the shuffle over at Technorati.

You can send an email to contest at evolvingtimes dot com.

If you are linking from a website [non-blog] you must send me an email or leave a comment because Technorati does not track your links. (You only need to link in once to be eligible for the remaining weekly prizes as well as the bigger prizes at the end of the month).

2. Subscribe to the Evolving Times Feed. Everyone who is an active ET feed subscriber will be eligible to win prizes. (Every subscriber will also receive a special link to the Subscriber Bonus Package which includes some great free gifts and special offers). Again, subscribers will be eligible to receive weekly prizes as well as the bigger prizes. At the bottom of your feed you will find special instructions on how to enter.

You can subscribe to the feed here.

3. Leave a comment or lots of them. You may have noticed that I reset the top commenters list in the sidebar. (I’ve also added the do-follow plugin, so every comment you leave from now on will be an active link back to your blog or website). Each week one of the top ten commenters listed in the sidebar will be chosen at random to win one of the weekly prizes. And at the end of August, the top three folks on that list will be bigger winners. So come on and join the conversation

4. Join my Email subscribtion list. In the spirit of inclusiveness – it was pointed out that not everyone knows what an RSS feed is much less how to subscribe – so you can also enter the contest by joining my email list. Just fill out the simple form below, confirm your subscription and you’ll go directly to the Subscriber Bonus Package page in addition to being entered to win one of the other prizes.



And, yes, if you haven’t already figured it out, doing more than one of these things DOES increase your chances of winning!

Thanks everyone for joining me here for the party. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

[Ed’s Note]  After choosing this week’s winners I discovered that my feed service was wackydoodled (that’s a technical term). A big thank you goes out to Steve Johnson at The Fast Lane, who, in addition to being an excellent personal growth blogger is also a top-notch web developer and troubleshooter. He came to my rescue yesterday and got the feed working again. So if you’re in need of some quality web work go check out Sawtooth Graphics Web Design and get him on the job!

If you tried, and were not able to subscribe during the past few days, I apologize. It’s working now, so get your name into the feed and follow the “secret” instructions at the bottom of your feed posts to enter the contest.

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      4 Responses to “And The Week Two Winners Are…”

      1. Char on August 18th, 2007 8:22 am

        I won! That is very cool.

        I look forward to reading the book – or better yet – winning one of the big prizes! 🙂

        Thanks and have a great weekend!

      2. Steve Johnson on August 18th, 2007 2:01 pm

        Thanks for the kind words, Ed. I appreciate it! I’m thankful to have been able to help.

      3. Dean on August 18th, 2007 10:42 pm

        Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been in a cave for the past two weeks, but it kind of felt that way.

        Happy Anniversary!

        May you have many more successful years.

      4. Aaron Potts on August 20th, 2007 6:57 am

        Thanks, Edward!

        I totally love Mark Joyner and the Simpleology concepts. This is the second time I’ve won an awesome book from taking part in a blogging contest.

        Congratulations to the rest of the winners as well, and keep trying! There is still loads of awesome stuff to be given away, and reading and commenting at Evolving Times is just time well spent anyway! 🙂

      Got something to say?