Get Your Law of Attraction Carnival Entries In By Monday

Next Tuesday, August 28th, marks the official one-year anniversary of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. And, as you know – I hope! – we’re in the middle of a big party to celebrate the carnival’s anniversary. And there are still two rounds of great prizes left to go. If you haven’t gotten your link in, or subscribed to the Evolving Times feed, or cranked out some comments to get your name on the “Look Who’s Talking” list, do it now! I’ll be picking this week’s winners later today (Friday). But even if you missed this week’s prizes, the grand prizes will be given away next week, so make sure you’re entered to win!

Now, as for next week’s carnival, the theme is, 1-year with the Law of Attraction!

Take this opportunity to write a post that explores how the Law of Attraction has changed your life in the past year (or however long you have been actively using it). Let us know what important lessons you have learned from putting the Law of Attraction into action in your life. What mistakes (there are no mistakes of course) have you made with the Law of Attraction? And how have you learned from them?

For the featured entry section, I’ll choose about 5 entries that focus on personal lessons related to the Law of Attraction that this past year has brought.

So take this opportunity to review your last 12-months working with the Law of Attraction, write up an entry and send it on over. (If you’re new to the Law of Attraction Carnival be sure to check out the submission guidelines on the Law of Attraction Homepage).

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      2 Responses to “Get Your Law of Attraction Carnival Entries In By Monday”

      1. Aaron Potts on August 24th, 2007 2:45 pm


        Sheesh – you sure know how to make a guy write when he wasn’t planning on it!

        As you’ll read about on my blog next week, I’m going to take a week off from writing in order to work on the Personal Development Partners interface. That project has been on the back burner for far too long, and our community will really benefit from it, so I’m kicking it up to the top of the priority list.

        However, the theme that you chose for the upcoming edition of the LOA carnival is totally awesome, and I see a lot of value in writing a post about it.

        Soooo, I guess what I’ll do is put the LOA post up on my site Monday, and then put up the notice about a temporary break on Tuesday.

        Look for an on-topic submission from me Monday, Edward!

      2. Jeannette Maw on August 25th, 2007 7:02 am

        I’ve been working with LOA for years now, but I continue to learn more about it and myself every day. This last year in particular I learned how easy it is to miss – and important it is to get – what I’m REALLY vibrating.

        This hit home for me when I found myself with two open client slots (I’m an attraction coach) and I did what I always do when I’m wanting a new client. I said, “Universe, I’m ready for a new client. Thanks!”

        The same way I would order another glass of water from my waiter. With complete expectation and ease.

        I’ve done this long enough to know that I don’t need to think about it any more or take any more action than that. Within 24 hours, someone has shown up ready to work with me.

        But two days later, I as talking with another coach when I realized my new client had not shown up yet! “That’s really weird,” I said to my colleague. “I ordered up a new client two days ago and they’re still not here!”

        I know not to give that too much attention, or I’ll just create more “they’re not here.”

        So I went on about my business, not giving it too much thought or concern. I was puzzled, but not stressing about it.

        Four days later I completed two projects that had been taking up MUCH of my time. It was with enormous relief I sent off the final email, sat back in my chair, took a big sigh of relief, and spontaneously said, “NOW I’m ready for my new client!”

        And in that moment I felt the truth of it. I truly felt READY for a new client now. I’d said the words the week before, but wasn’t FEELING the readiness or anticipation. I didn’t realize that until I DID feel it a week later.

        We all know Universe hears our feelings, not our words.

        That was a big “aha” moment for me in that it taught me how easy it is for there to be an energetic disconnect between our THOUGHTS and our VIBRATION.

        Yes, the two are usually tightly linked. But not always. Paying attention to the energy is what matters. If our words aren’t taking us to the feeling place of what we want, we’ve got work to do. And we can’t do that work if we aren’t aware of the disconnect.

        (Incidentally, within 24 hours of MEANING it when I said “Universe, I’m ready for a new client” I had three clients banging on my virtual door.)

        Thanks for a super fun anniversary celebration, Ed, and for giving me a chance to share my LOA experiences! You’re doing MUCH to further the awareness and knowledge of others, not to mention connect other deliberate creators. Thanks for all you do!

        Love & Miracles –

        Jeannette Maw
        Good Vibe Coaching

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