Subscriber Bonus Package Is Available

If you’re reading this in the Evolving Times RSS feed, look down at the bottom of this entry for instructions on how to access your Subscriber Bonus Package.

So far, your package contains:

  • An awesome (truly) e-report by Andrea Conway on Three Master Keys to “The Secret”.
  • An incredible ecommerce package from Mitch Meyerson.
  • A 20-minute downloadable Brainwave Entrainment Session for gentle relaxation.

If you’re not yet subscribed to the feed, you can subscribe now and access your bonus package with the information in the next entry.

If you have absolutely no idea what the heck an RSS feed is, you can find out here, and if you’re not interested in becoming that blog-happy, you can also access the bonuses by subscribing to my regular email list. Just fill out the simple form below and look for an email with the subscriber bonus information.


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