Law of Attraction Carnival #27

Welcome to the 27th edition of the Law of Attraction blog carnival. This is the longest running blog carnival devoted to an exploration and deepening of our understanding of the Law of Attraction.

This edition is another general roundup of the best Law of Attraction articles from around the blogosphere. So get ready to immerse yourself in some excellent reading.

Let’s jump right in with our Featured Entries for this edition:

Featured Entries

First up is an entry from Erin Pavlina, See A Penny, Pick It Up. This entry immediately caught my attention since it’s a topic I wrote about a while back and it’s something that I feel very quite strongly about. Erin does a wonderful job explaining why it’s important to pick up those pennies you see on the ground.

In another article about finding money, sort of, Beverly Keaton Smith at Embrace Your Gifts and Soar, tells a moving story about her decade’s long quest in The Year of The Sand Dollar. Yes, the Law of Attraction works, sometimes it just takes a while!

Alex Blackwell at the Next 45 Years has a terrific entry on Achieving Life Balance. According to Alexander, one of the keys, from a Law of Attraction perspective, is choosing balance! In this fast-paced world it’s very easy to forget that balance is, indeed, a choice.

Raymond David Salas at ZenChill gives us some interesting ideas on How To Have a Conversation With God. Raymond points out the similarities between Neale Donald Walsch’s observations and teachings and those of Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction).

And finally John Wolfe at Season of Shadows (all about halloween!) has a very good article on what he calls, The Law of Distraction. And as someone who has faced confronted this law personally on many ocaisions I highly recommend this entry. .

And now the best of the rest

Patricia O’Rourke offers this quick look at a powerful idea in her entry A Fat Purse.

In Your Frequent Flyer Dream Account, Edith Yeoung inspires us to put all those dreams to good use!

Tracy Burchard gives us 10 Easy Steps to Using The Law of Attraction For Manifesting Prosperity.

K Sparks gives us a personal look at how to release negative energy.

Alexander Becker compares the Law of Attraction to the concept fo Self Fulfilling prophecy in this interesting article,

Arin Vahanian shows us how Gandhi’s quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world, ties into the Law of Attraction in this article, How One Quote Can Change Your Life.

In this extensive article, Tupelo Kenyon shares his thoughts about whether work is just a job or visible love.

Uni gives us a fun exercise for building abundance in Surround Yourself With Money.

Enoch Tan takes an interesting look at how Being Conscious of Miracles Attracts More of Them.

Kimberly Kingsley gives us some very concise tips on how to Love Difficult People.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. My thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for this carnival.

You can find archive links to all of the past editions on the Law of Attraction Homepage.

The next edition of the Carnival, on October 9th, will be hosted by Barb Lattin at Feels Like Magic. Barb has a GREAT idea for this edition, but I’ll let her share it with you. And when she does, I’ll give you a head’s up.

To read the submission guidelines and submit your article visit the Law of Attraction Homepage.

If you’re interested in hosting an upcoming edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival, drop me a line using the contact form above.

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      1. Patricia O'Rourke on September 25th, 2007 7:34 pm

        thank you so much for including my post!

      2. Law of Attraction and Manifesting Irrational Thoughts | ClearDeep on September 27th, 2007 8:39 pm
      3. Barb on September 27th, 2007 3:16 pm

        I’ve posted about the edition I’m hosting, but will post again. Here’s the link to the current post:

        Everybody let me know if you have any questions!!

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        Hi Ed, I love your carnivals! Thank you SO MUCh for including my article about finding sand dollars. I’m so honored and grateful! Blessings! Beverly

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