[Podcast] The Attractive Power of Branding with Kim Castle

Clarity plays a large part in the successful application of the Law of Attraction. Knowing what you really want is the key to the kingdom but that clarity often feels like the needle in the haystack.

In this part 1 of my conversation with Brand Visioneer Kim Castle of BrandU, she explains why the clarity that comes from the business branding process is such a powerful attractive force. She also gives one of the clearest answers I’ve ever heard about why branding needs to come BEFORE marketing.

Kim also expands on the three most powerful things you can do to make customers choose you that she wrote about last week.

She clarifies the sometimes blurry distinction between personal and business branding.

We explore the importance of feelings in the branding process and how that relates to our use of feelings as an Internal Guidance System within the framework of the Law of Attraction.

And be sure to listen up when Kim mentions a conversation she had with her client, Michael Beckwith, about the importance of Choice. She just briefly touches on this very juicy topic. But it provides an opening to a potentially rich exploration.

Click the play button now and have a listen to this valuable 30-minute recording.

Part two of this conversation picks up where this one leaves off. Look for it here early next week.

And just a head’s up that there is a bit of audio distortion near the end of this recording.

For more information on Kim Castle, visit the BrandU website.

And here’s the link to Kim’s special gift for you (she mentions it in part two of this conversation) The 15 Mistakes That Kill Business Success.

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