What is The Single Most Powerful Force in Marketing?

I just heard that Mark Joyner has something new up his sleeve. He’s been on a new product tear lately with the January release of the long-awaited Simpleology 103, the July release of his awesome new  7-Day Business Turnaround and now this new secret program.

And, he’s giving away this new program to 7-people! To be one of the 7 winners, just head over to his blog and leave a comment answering this question:

What is The Single Most Powerful Force in Marketing?

I’ve already left my answer. I won’t give it away here, but you’ll find it somewhere down around comment # 725!

And if you want a chance to win a complete Simpleology package that includes Simpleology 102, 103 and the 7-Day Business Turnaround, stay tuned. I’ll be posting the details on how you can win this package later today!

Also, keep your eyes open for my interview with Mark. We spoke for over an hour late last week, exploring a wide range of topics. I’ll be posting it as two (at least) podcasts. In the first one you’ll hear Mark share his thoughts on the Law of Attraction. It was very enlightening!

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