6 Personal Growth Themed Halloween Costumes

For those of you who have still not decided what you’re going to be for Halloween, here are a few last minute ideas that will let you put this holiday to good use from a personal development perspective.

And as a bonus, most of these costume ideas will make great conversation starters!

So come on in and browse through the Personal Growth Costume Corner.

First up we have:

slimeMetamorphic Slime

When a caterpillar goes into its cocoon a very interesting process happens. The body of the caterpillar completely breaks down into what scientists refer to as metamorphic slime. The caterpillar does not just lose a few legs and grow wings. Rather the caterpillar breaks down into the essential building blocks that then get recreated in the form of a butterfly.

From time to time in our personal growth it can feel as if we are breaking down into metamorphic slime! And sometimes, in order to be recreated at a higher level, it requires that we be broken down into the essential building blocks.

So if you are feeling the need to experience Metamorphic Slime on a physical level this costume may be the way to go.

I’m not sure how you would pull this one off. You might want to try making up a big batch of “Goo,” “Flubber,” or even “Oobleck!” Try this page for some recipes, or you can try this page.

Next we have:

Your Comfort Zone

That’s right, for the cost of an old cardboard box, you can create a model of your comfort zone! And what better to get to know your comfort zone than to dress up as it for Halloween.

Just get yourself a big box and cut out holes for your head and feet (leave your arms confined inside the box). Then hang all the beautiful things you want more of just outside the box: money (or dollar signs) love (or hearts) pictures of a new car or house, anything you can think of that seems to be just beyond your reach right now.

You’ll also want to hang your trick or treat bag on the outside of the box and watch helplessly as it gets filled with more and more goodies that you can’t reach. Sorry, you’re safely tucked away in your comfort zone!

For bonus personal growth points, at the end of the night, ritually break out of the box to symbolize that you are breaking out of your comfort zone.

Now, for those of you looking for a more traditional approach to a personal growth costume how about:

thorYour Favorite Super Hero

The great thing about super heroes is that, when they’re not out “saving the world,” most of them have real lives and real problems. Some of them struggle with money, some struggle with business, almost all of them struggle with relationships.

It’s a great reminder that we’re all heroes in some ways, even though we struggle in some areas of our lives.

If you’re focusing a bit too much on the struggles, a good Halloween costume might be your favorite super hero. It will help you shift your focus onto the hero inside of you.

And then there’s always the:

Great Master

jesusSometimes in our personal development it’s helpful to “act as if.” Halloween is a perfect time for exercising those act as if muscles. Dress up as Jesus, buddhaBuddha, Moses, Muhammad, or some other great Master. The key, of course, is to not just dress like them, but to become like them.

For one night, act as if you are this person. (That probably means you won’t be out tossing rotten eggs and smashing your neighbor’s pumpkins this year!)

And if you’re interested in sharing your dreams with your neighbors and friends, how about:

A Vision Board/Box/Sphere

Imagine walking around for a night surrounded by your visions. It’s possible. Create a vision board costume. It could be a vision board a vision box or a vision ball.

The box is probably easiest to make, and gives you the most room to dream big, and unlike the comfort zone box, this one would have arm holes. A vision board would work if you’re pretty skinny. And the vision sphere has a nice “no beginning, no ending” sort of feel to it.

If you’re going to do this one, just make sure you have LOTS of magazines available before you start!

And finally we have:

A Tuning Fork

Law of Attraction enthusiasts will recognize this one as a symbol of attraction. (We attract things into our lives based on our vibrational offering).

There are a number of ways that you could pull this one off. The details are up to you.

For bonus points, and a lot of fun, you could get a whole bunch of your friends to dress up as tuning forks. And from time to time, one of you can start “vibrating” which, of course, starts the rest of you vibrating until the whole group is happily buzzing! (This is good technique to use when the Halloween party conversation becomes a bit dull).

So have you found your last minute personal growth Halloween costume? I hope so. And if not, perhaps these ideas have triggered another possibility for you.

Whatever costume you choose, have a happy Halloween!

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    8 Responses to “6 Personal Growth Themed Halloween Costumes”

    1. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work on October 31st, 2007 9:23 am

      These are hilarious!

      Leave it to you to come with a way to merge personal growth with Halloween. (If my kids weren’t out of town this week, I’d have to go for it…)

      Funny thing, I hadn’t realized until now: I did dress up as a monk, once, when I was a kid!

    2. Edward Mills on October 31st, 2007 9:26 am

      Adam. See, you knew! Monk At Work was in the works from way back then!

      Oh, and by the way, just because the kids are out of town doesn’t mean you can’t get a costume on! 😉

    3. Raymond on October 31st, 2007 9:25 pm

      Wow! A great association of Halloween and Law of Attraction. 🙂

    4. Shama Hyder on November 3rd, 2007 7:20 am

      Great ideas!

      I would love to be a vision board next Halloween. How fun! = )

    5. Andrea Hess | Empowered Soul Blog on November 3rd, 2007 7:28 am

      Absolutely love it! These are great ideas I’ll definitely store in the back of my head for Halloweens to come.


    6. Ksenija on February 19th, 2008 8:59 pm

      Law of Attraction didn’t work for me, I try, from cup of coffee to a book or car. I started with a vision board in 2006 and get zero result.

    7. LaurieStory on October 31st, 2010 10:32 am

      VERY creative Edward! Thanks so much for (re)posting ~ LOVE it & will pass it on!
      This makes me think about all the metaphysical meanings available to us …. your daughter as doggie … mmm … loyalty, companionship, unconditional Love! I saw a retail costume of a blue crayon that really calls to me as kid artist … maybe I can still pull that off … to the outside I’m a blue crayon … in the transformational, I am creative playful expression!

    8. Mary on October 31st, 2010 11:06 am

      For the 1st time I’m a pirate. Since I can remember, there’s a lore in my family that one of my ancestors, on my Mom’s side, was a pirate.
      This year, I embrace the adventure & bravery of going into the unknown of the high seas, in search of what else the world has to offer… Of course, I’m not that kinda pirate, that goes around creating mayhem… It’s a spiritual, faux adventure, virtual vision board of my transformation from timid, semi home buddy into the grinning, funny, joyous discoverer of many treasures. ha-ha-he-he-hoo-hoo-hooooo….

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