Personal Growth Resource Roundup #2

It’s time for another Saturday roundup of Personal Growth Resources. My intention with these roundups is to turn you on to some of the powerful personal growth resources available on the web.

I’ll be including stuff from the some of the amazing personal growth bloggers out there. But what makes this roundup series a bit unique – I hope – is that I’ll also be reaching out beyond the typical personal growth sites to find personal growth resources in other areas.

Leave your comments below to let me know if you’re getting benefit from these resources. After all, they’re here for you!

Let’s begin with some inspiration from the Free Hugs Campaign Website. I wrote an entry about the Free Hugs Video just about a year ago. Now they have their very own website. If you want to add a dose of hope to your day, go check out their site.

Next up are some Blogging Lessons from Children over at the Brown Thoughts blog. I learn lessons in blogging and beyond from my daughter on a daily basis. So I can totally relate to this post. I love the last lesson – Every Day is an Adventure. Amen to that!

At Casual Keystrokes, Char reminds us to Look at Your Site Through a Different Set of Eyes. We all need a new, different perspective on our websites from time to time. And this advice applies beyond the world of the web. Having someone take a peek at some aspect of your life can provide just the kind of perspective you need to make a simple change that can make a big difference.

Outfit Inspirations has a wonderful post on the Five Rules Girls Should Learn In School. I would argue that most of these are rules that we all could benefit from. Here’s one of them – Never Make Fun Of Someone’s Enthusiasm. I’ve broken that rule on more than one occasion and the results have never been positive.

Then there’s Aaron Potts, at Today Is That Day, who has this truly timely – for me at least – post, Stop Waffling and Start Living! If you have trouble deciding what to do, or flip back and forth between your choices, go read this post right now.

Over at Copyblogger, Ryan Imel has a very interesting guest post, Are You Blogging With Confident Feet? Now hold on because this article has implications and applications far beyond blogging. Go read the information about how confident speakers pay attention to their stance and movement and see if you can translate that awareness into your life.

And here’s another link that may, again, seem a bit off topic for a personal growth resource roundup. But Robert Middleton’s post on The Christmas Tree Marketing Plan outlines a simple metaphor and plan for getting things done. The applications of the Christmas Tree Plan are not limited to marketing. Check it out.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Tune back in next Saturday for another roundup of personal growth resources from around the web.

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