The 4-Hour Work Week Meme Roundup

Back in September I asked the questions “What Would You Do With An Extra 36-Hours Each Week?” a question catalyzed by the book, The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it. The book is filled with truly out of the box productivity tips and insights that can help you get more done in less time (even if a 4-hour work week doesn’t appeal to you).

I posed the question, knowing that by taking the time to actually envision how we would fill those extra 36-hours would be a powerful exercise in creating a life with that level of freedom.

Over the last few weeks, there have been some wonderful entries outlining all the ways that those extra 36-hours will be put into use.

It’s been interesting to see the creative ways that people would fill their time. It’s also been quite eye-opening to realize that most of us have very similar thoughts. Here is a list of the most common ideas for filling up that extra 36-hours.

Creative Expression. At least half of the people who replied would use the time to be creative. Several people would write a book and there were a surprising number of musicians on the list.

Spend more time with family and friends. Another common theme was to spend more (Quality) time with family members and friends.

Exercise was another big one. Several people included “working out more” on the list. Some got specific including such things as yoga, rock climbing, a disc golf to name just a few.

Another big one was Sleep. They say that we’re a culture of chronically sleep deprived people. So adding an hour or two of sleep a night was a popular way to fill up those 36-hours.

Reading was also popular.  Jeesh, as if we don’t read enough with all of these awesome blogs!

And the winner of the “oddest” thing that someone would do to fill up their days goes to Adam Kayce. He would play more Quelf: The Board Game that Gives Random a New Name!

I highly recommend that you check out some of the posts from folks who played along. It was quite fun seeing what other people would do. And I actually found myself adding to my list when I found another great idea.

And if you missed the post back in September and would like to play along, write a post and I’ll add it to the list.

And if you did play and I missed your post, drop me a line using the comment form above and I’ll add you to the list.

So here is the list of participants.

Emily at Considering the Universe.

Gleb at Personal Development Ideas.

Aaron at Today is That Day.

Adam at Monk At Work.

Zoe at Law of Attraction For Inspired Living.

Lyman at Creating a Better Life.

Priscilla at Personal Development Demands Success.

Jeannette at the Law of Attraction Playground.

Karen at Live the Power.

Lorraine at Bring It On!

Judy at The Work Life Monitor.

Kirsten at Think Positive.

Marina at Sufficient Thrust.

Annie at the In-Debt Net.

SJ at Personal Development for the Book Smart.

Jamie Phelps

And a few folks left their replies in the comments of the original 4-Hour Work Week post.

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      6 Responses to “The 4-Hour Work Week Meme Roundup”

      1. Karen Lynch-Live the Power on October 17th, 2007 11:40 am

        This one was a really fun meme for me. I completely enjoyed the visualizing and the dreaming it invoked.
        Thank you.

      2. Saedel on October 17th, 2007 1:30 pm

        Hi Ed, I got the trackback… just dropping by to thank you for starting this. I enjoyed writing about this one and learned a thing or two from others who participated.

        *two thumbs up*


      3. Adam Kayce : Monk At Work on October 17th, 2007 2:02 pm

        Wow, thanks, Ed!

        I can’t wait to get together and play Quelf with you someday…

      4. Lyman Reed on October 17th, 2007 5:02 pm

        Thanks for the roundup, Ed! I love it when people who start memes take the time to give us an overview of what was written about.

      5. Edward Mills on October 18th, 2007 8:43 am

        Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. And I appreciate you’re participation, especially since I’ve missed a couple of yours :0

        Saedel, You’re very welcome. Thanks for playing!

      6. Edward Mills on October 18th, 2007 8:46 am

        Adam. QUELF!?! I’m there! Well, maybe when they create a virtual Quelf board. Thanks for playing!

        Lyman. You’re very welcome for the roundup. It took a bit longer than I had wanted. But it was worth the wait. There are some great ideas out there.

      Got something to say?