Can A 91 Year Old “DaVinci” Teach You To Draw?

Every writer always has lots of pages that they don’t like, that they throw away. The same with every great artist. All you see is the fine works of artists. But you would be surprised how many sketches they throw away before they select that which they wish to exhibit. So really, art is the ability to learn how to delineate images of different kinds. And the only way to learn that is through practice.

Those are the words of Jacque Fresco, author, artist, inventor and visionary. And he’s going to be teaching you how to draw on a free live webcast on Monday, December 3rd.

I watched the video (below) and was amazed at the insights he had about art, talent, practice, and more. Even if you’re not interested in learning to draw, you will learn a lot from watching the 14-minute video.

You can sign up for the webcast here. When you get to the page, be sure to scroll down a few entries to check out the before and after drawings from the “world’s 2nd worst artist!”

And this is what Mark Joyner, the creator of Simpleology, has to say about this 91 year old “Superhuman.”

At 91, he works harder than anyone I’ve ever met, has a razor-sharp mind, and is still inventing, writing, and drawing every single day – just about non-stop…

While I’m busy designing systems that will move people along the path toward a brighter future, Jacque has spent more time actually designing what that future itself will look like.

“This is great,” you may think, “but what does this have to do with ‘The Simple Science of Getting What You Want?‘”

First, on a personal level Jacque exemplifies everything that we talk about in Simpleology 101 and the Simpleology print book.

If you’re younger than 91 and are using your age to prevent you from living your life fully, it’s now official: it’s time to knock that off.

Next, not only is Jacque a doer on a historic scale, he’s also a genius teacher.

For example, he has a unique method for teaching anyone how to draw within just a few short lessons.