Learn To Draw From A Master Teacher

Did you watch the video of Jacque Fresco I posted last week? It’s definitely worth the 15-minutes.

But even if you missed that video, if you’ve ever been interested in learning how to draw you’ll want to check this out! Mark Joyner has brought his expertise in powerful online learning environments and partnered with the master art teacher, Jacque Fresco, to create a truly unparalleled opportunity to learn how to draw.

And for the next 48-hours you can save $200 on this program. Go check it out now:

Simpleology Great Teachers Series.

I remember how many of my blogging friends said they would learn to draw or paint when I posed the question “what would you do with an extra 36-hours a week.” Here’s your chance!

At least go check out the program’s website. I swear I learned more about drawing from that page than I did in all of the college level art courses I took. (Of course that could be due to external factors associated with college-age behavior and the destruction of many brain cells!)

Here’s that link again: Simpleology Great Teachers Series.