Some Awesome Vision Boards And A Second Chance

Well the official submission deadline for the 2008 Vision Board Invitational has passed. And we’ve got some truly incredible submissions to the contest. Many thanks to all of you who participated in this inspiring event.

What do you think? Should we do it again next year?

It was interesting to note that there were people who left comments or sent an email saying they would submit a vision board for the contest and then there were the people who left comments with a link to their completed vision board.

A few months ago I heard a great recording on accountability with T. Harv Ecker, creator of the Secrets of The Millionaire Mind. He pointed out that every time you say you’re going to do something and don’t, you’re training yourself to fail. Even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, your mind does.

This was a big lesson for me, and one that I’m admittedly still working on. I have huge desires and in the past, my eyes have tended to be larger than my tummy when it comes to making commitments. But when I heard Harv explain this piece of accountability – the inner piece – I got it. And I’ve been slowly changing that pattern and working on under-promising and over-delivering, to others and to myself.

So for those of you who said you were going to submit a Vision Board (either in a comment, an email or even if you just made a promise to yourself) and have not yet done so, I’m extending the submission deadline through this weekend.

You’ll still be eligible to participate in the prize drawing. But more importantly you’ll set yourself up for success in 2008 by completing something you have said you would. For many of you, this will be the start of breaking a long self-sabotaging pattern. So I encourage you to take advantage of this second chance!

Now, for those of you who did already submit a Vision Board, there is a benefit to your on-time submission. You’ll receive two slots in the drawing so your chances of winning will be double those who submit their boards from this point on.

And there’s something even more powerful than any prize I could ever give you: You have set up a pattern of completion, follow through and success in your life. And this pattern will lead you to a great year in 2008!

So congratulations.

And now, here’s the first round of submissions (posted in random order). If these are posted on a blog, be sure to stop by to congratulate them on their successful vision board creation.

(If the image was easily linkable and was not larger than 450 pixels wide, I’ve included the actual image. Otherwise, you’ll have to click on the Vision Board link to see the image).

Brian Wu at Live Meliora has this vision board:

Brian Wu Vision Board

Lorraine Cohen at Powerfull Living has this Vision Board post.

Jennifer Manion at Heal Pain Naturally has this vision board:

Jennifer Manion

Shelly Fitzsimmons has this vision board:

Shelly Fitzsimmons Vision Board

Diana Samour has this vision board:

Diana Samour Vision Board

Jasmine Gold of Spirit Gold has this Vision Board.


Aaron Potts of Today is That Day completed this vision board just in time!

[End update]

There they are! Let’s give them a rousing virtual round of applause. Great going everyone.

And if you made a commitment to submit a vision board but “didn’t get to it” you now have a few more days.

Think about it; if you can’t “get to” your vision board, how does that reflect on your ability to “get to” your vision?

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    7 Responses to “Some Awesome Vision Boards And A Second Chance”

    1. Aaron - Today is that Day on January 16th, 2008 4:34 am


      Being one of the guilty parties, I for one appreciate the deadline extension! There are lots of good reasons (excuses!) why I didn’t get my board done on time, but I will take advantage of this time extension in order to reset that mental program.

      The worst part is that I KNOW better than to do that! Just goes to show that staying in the self improvement circles is a good idea for everyone! 🙂

    2. Edward Mills on January 16th, 2008 9:19 am

      I hear you Aaron. Hanging around people like you definitely keeps me on my toes. Not because you’ll judge me if I slack off but because your example inspires me to continue to improve.

      Looking forward to your seeing your board!

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    5. Brian Wu on January 22nd, 2008 5:42 am

      Thank you so much. Continued success on this wonderful site!

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