Vision Boards And Feng Shui: A Powerful Combination

At Saturday’s vision board group I knew I had to come up with a framework that would enable participants to finish their boards by 1:00pm. Past experience (the vision board 2007 event) taught me that, given free reign to vision about everything, most people would not complete their board in the allotted time.

So narrowing the focus would be crucial. The framework I chose to narrow it down was the Bagua map from Feng Shui. If you are not familiar with Feng Shui, it is the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects based on the flow of chi or energy.


One of the major tools used by Feng Shui practitioners is the Bagua map which lays out nine major life areas and allows you to chart them within your property, home, room, office, desk, etc.

You can download a copy of this bagua map here.

The nine areas outlined in the Bagua map are:

  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Fame and Reputation
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • The Center and Health
  • Creativity and Children
  • Knowledge and Self-Cultivation
  • Career
  • Helpful People and Travel

I asked the participants to choose just one of these areas to focus on. I asked them to consider what area was most important to them in 2008, which one area, if improved, would have the most profound effect on their entire life?

Most of them came up with a primary life are to focus on in their vision board and for the first part of 2008. Others had two life areas that were equally important. And a few chose to do the entire Bagua!

Obviously when you are creating your vision board on your own, you do not have the same time constraints that we had during the workshop. However, there are still some definite benefits to working with a single, focused life area when creating your vision board.

As I like to say, we can have ANYTHING we want, but we can’t have EVERYTHING we want. At least not all at the same time. So narrowing the focus of your vision board, actually empowers your intentions.

What do you think would be more effective? A vision board with 20 or more intentions, or a vision board that focused on just one or two?

When I began creating Vision Boards several years ago (Back then they were collages or treasure maps) I often put everything I could possibly imagine wanting onto the boards. They were beautiful but a bit overwhelming. And ultimately, my success rate was not that great.

I was spreading my intention energy too thin!

Now, when I create a vision board, I focus on just one life area or just one specific desire. The board I posted yesterday was focused exclusively on the center quadrant of the Bagua map since this is the intangible area I plan to focus on throughout 2008.

And in a few weeks I will create a second board that focuses just on the wealth and prosperity quadrant since my primary, tangible intention for 2008 is to dramatically increase my passive income.

One of the beautiful things about using the Bagua map as your framework is that once you have created a vision board for one of the quadrants, you know exactly where to put it in your home or office to get the maximum energetic benefit. Just look at the map, find that area of your home and put your vision board there.

And one last note: Another way to combine the Bagua map with your vision board is to overlay the map onto your board and choose images for each area of the board that represent the corresponding Bagua areas.

So when you’re creating your entry for the Vision Board 2008 Invitational, keep in mind that with vision boards less is often more. Consider picking one life area to focus on. And then, when those intentions manifest, move on to the next area!

And don’t forget to submit your vision board by Monday, January 14th for a chance to win one of the great prizes including a complete Simpleology package which will absolutely facilitate the attraction of your desires!

Just leave a comment on the Vision Board Invitational post with a link to your board and you’ll be entered!

And please pass this on to anyone you know who could benefit from creating a Vision Board!

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    6 Responses to “Vision Boards And Feng Shui: A Powerful Combination”

    1. Goal Setting College on January 10th, 2008 6:32 pm

      Ed, ingenious idea to use Bagua & Vision Boards. Just wondering how this could be adapted to people who use electronic Vision Boards!


    2. Edward Mills on January 10th, 2008 8:42 pm

      Ellesse: You could certainly still do a vision board that focuses on a specific area on the Bagua map. If you want to put it in that area of your home you would need to print it out. That would obviously be a bit more difficult if you’re using a video vision board program. But I suppose you could buy one of those $100 laptops and put it on a stand in that particular corner of the house! 😉

    3. Raymond Chua on January 11th, 2008 3:04 am

      Hi Edward,

      I love this post and I am a big fan of Feng Shui. 🙂

    4. Lorraine Cohen on January 11th, 2008 8:28 pm

      Great idea Ed,

      I created mine accoring to the chakras. 😀

    5. Edward Mills on January 12th, 2008 12:31 pm

      Raymond: Me too. And it just seems like a perfect connection.

      Lorraine: I saw your treasure map. Aligning it with the chakras is another great way to do it. Nice!

    6. inspiration on January 18th, 2008 7:28 pm

      I have heard of the vision board, but I learned some new things here and some great ideas too. I would like to know more about aligning it with chakras. Cool.

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