A New Earth – Week 2: Ego

A New Earth - Oprah and Eckhart Tolle
In week 2 of the Oprah, Eckhart Tolle webinar on A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose, we begin an exploration of ego. Let’s use this space to continue to explore this concept.

What does ego mean to you?

How did Tolle’s explanation of ego in the book and/or webinar deepen or shift your understanding of the concept?

Identifying with objects

In the book, Tolle tells the story of a dying woman who accused one of her caregivers of stealing her diamond ring. Tolle describes the anger this woman experienced because of the loss of this “valuable” object. He went on to share that:

“In the last few weeks of her life, as her body became weaker, she became more and more radiate, as if light were shining through her. She gave many of her possessions away, some to the woman she thought had stolen the ring, and with each thing she gave away, her joy deepened.”

What objects do you identify with?

Look around your home or office and ask yourself “how many of the things I see do I describe as ‘mine?'”

How would it feel to give these things away?

Can you imagine being in a state where giving away these possessions would bring deeper joy?

What is in the way of that happening now?

Your Week 2 Flower Petals:

In the workbook for the webinar we are being asked to pick our two favorite passages or quotes from the book. At the end of the 10-weeks, we will have a beautiful flower whose petals inspire us to continue the process of awakening.

What are your petals from week 2?

Here are mine.

When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life.

Yielding means inner acceptance of what is. You are open to life. Resistance is an inner contraction, a hardening of the ego. You are closed. Whatever action you take in a state of inner resistance (which we could also call negativity) will create more outer resistance, and the universe will not be on your side; life will not be helpful. If the shutters are closed, the sunlight cannot come in. When you yield internally, when you surrender, a new dimension of consciousness opens up. If action is possible or necessary, your action will be in alignment with the whole and supported by creative intelligence.

Use the comments space below to leave your quotes, answers to the questions above, or any thoughts, observations or further questions you might have.

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    2 Responses to “A New Earth – Week 2: Ego”

    1. Seta on March 31st, 2008 6:55 pm

      How I can download the transcripts for “A New Earth” webinar?

    2. Delores on August 25th, 2008 12:01 pm


      … if recognition is the first step

      Watch compulsive thinking and thoughts in your head
      Pay attention, and through awareness you will be led
      Lost in your thoughts, for a moment, an hour or two
      Pay attention, AHA, smile and say “Ego, I know it is you!”

      The voices in your head seem to want to be heard
      Pay attention, be alert and not utter a word
      They sometimes get louder to make themselves known
      Pay attention, AHA, my goodness ego, how you have grown

      When arguing or quarrelling, it is a mental stance
      Pay attention, be NOW, so Presence can enhance
      Are you speaking or yelling with temperature rising?
      Pay attention, AHA, it is the ego upsizing

      Role playing seems to be an automatic thing
      Pay attention, and see what awareness can bring
      It seems second nature, so familiar and comfortable too
      Pay attention, AHA, the ego’s not sleeping in you

      Am I defined by fame, fortune, or designer clothes?
      Pay attention, look deep where stillness and awareness grows
      Do I feel better because of who I’m with or what I wear?
      Pay attention, AHA, if you do, then that’s ego in there

      Good or bad, right or wrong, judges people, things or places
      Pay attention, take a breath, making inner world more spacious
      Better than or less than this person, place or thing
      Pay attention, AHA, this is ego snuggling you under it’s wing

      Aches and pains, and any other discomfort you may have
      Pay attention, inner body awareness is bound to be the salve
      They may come on more intense and last a little longer
      Pay attention, AHA, there is ego trying to get stronger
      – 2 –

      Drama seems so full of life and so inviting
      Pay attention, be still because joy is abiding
      Chaotic, scrambled and tumultuous too
      Pay attention, AHA, ego is feeding and living through you

      Greed, more money, and a sense of power
      Pay attention, look for ways to plant your flower
      Me, mine, myself and I, are words used a lot
      Pay attention, AHA, for that is ego’s plot

      Labeling people, things and events with unconscious mind
      Pay attention to your stillness and truth you will find
      Spending all that time mentally labeling this or that
      Pay attention, AHA, ego has slipped through the crack

      Fear, anger, resentment and emotional traumas
      Pay attention to the background of these dilemmas
      These feelings are trapped and can cause much pain
      Pay attention, AHA, they’re feeding ego again

      Then there is the undemanding one pretending to be shy
      Pay attention, bring in the stillness your essence knows why
      Feeling inferior, and having less, rather than more
      Pay attention, AHA, ego once again has slipped in the door

      Control is another thing, that seems never ending
      Pay attention, watch your breath, which essence is tending
      Do this, do that, and then when you’re done …..
      Pay attention, AHA, ego has you under it’s thumb

      Being present, your inner purpose, moment by moment
      Pay attention, you’re living through peace and atonement
      Allowing consciousness to flow into all that you do
      Pay attention, AHA, this is essence, it is the real you

      …..Plant your flower …..
      Pay attention, AHA,
      Is that ego I see?

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