Personal Growth Resource Roundup #14

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Personal Growth Resource Roundup.

Let’s begin with another plug for Earth Hour which is less than a week away! If you have not watched the Earth Hour video, go check it out, and then head over to the Earth Hour site and get signed up. Then, on March 29th at 8:00pm, turn your lights off for one-hour. Let’s see how much energy we can save while we’re having fun in the dark!

Next, Alex Blackwell, from The Next 45 Years, has released a new eBook: How to Finish Strong in Life. By compiling some of the his best posts from The Next 45 Years into a beautifully formatted ebook, Alex has created a valuable and very affordable personal growth resource. This ebook sells for just $4.95 and it is most definitely worth it!

If you’ve ever wondered What do I do when someone in my life does not believe in the Law of Attraction and I do? Jenny Manion at Heal Pain Naturally answers this difficult question. If you’re a Deliberate Creator this question has probably come up for you. It’s a big one. So go see what Jenny has to say about it.

Next is an amazing resource for future bestselling authors! I wrote about Mark Joyner’s Bestseller Blueprint product a few weeks ago. The full Blueprint product is now closed to new registrations. However…

Mark has released a series of unedited, uncensored interviews with 9 bestselling authors. If you’re a writer and want some powerful insider information from authors who have already made it to the bestseller list – some of them MANY times! – check out Conversations with Bestsellers.

And how about winding down with some QUIET personal growth time. NOT! Aaron Potts, at Today is That Day, has a post of 5 not-so-QUIET methods of personal growth and development. Go find out how the QUIET method can take you to the next stop on your personal growth journey.

And finally, a head’s up that part 1 of my new report on the Energetics of Attraction will be released on Monday. Part 1 covers the five levels of human perception, awareness and response, and lays the foundation for part 2 which covers the concept of the Harmonics of Human Awareness and how to put it into use to rapidly create the life you desire.

If you want to receive a copy of this free report, just fill out the form below. In addition to the report, you’ll also receive the Energetics of Attraction intro package.


That’s it for this edition of the Personal Growth Resource Roundup. I hope you enjoy these resources. And I’ll see you again next time!