Recession Repellent (Have a Spray or Two)

First a quick disclosure: That title is from Mark Joyner, bestselling author and creator of Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want. It’s from an email he just sent out this morning (May 12th). But if you read my previous post on the Burning Ring of Fire, you know I’ve been on a “coincidence” kick lately, so I had to share his email with you. But first a bit of background.

You probably also know that I’m getting ready to start the Energetics of Attraction 6-week teleseminar series: Basic Energy Awareness Skills for Deliberate Creators.

What you don’t know is that enrollment is going slower than I expected. Right now there are about half the number of people registered for the program than I had originally envisioned.

Now in the first few days after I opened the registration I was a bit concerned (more about that in a moment). But thanks to some great conversations with some of my leading edge, Deliberate Creator friends, I’m no longer concerned. And in fact, because of these conversations I’ve put a cap on the program enrollment and there are just 6 spaces left.

Here’s why I’m not worried:

First, people are notoriously last minute when it comes to signing up for programs like this and it’s likely that several more people will join us by the time the program begins on Wednesday (May 14th).

Second, even if no one else signs up, there are enough participants to create a vibrant, dynamic group of people interested in learning how to use their personal energy systems to accelerate their ability to create an awesome life!

And here’s why I’ve capped the enrollment:

Because the recordings of this program are going to be the core content of a digital, self-paced program, having fewer people on the calls will enable me to provide focused, personalized Energy Coaching to the participants. We’ll be able to zero in on their specific questions and issues. So the recordings for the self-paced version will be chock full of highly specific and practical information that might not come out with a larger group.

So that’s all good. Now here’s the important point before I get to Mark’s email:

When I first opened registration for the course, and saw that enrollment was going very slowly I wasn’t quite as relaxed about it as I am now! And before I had those encouraging, positive conversations, I actually managed to attract four conversations in a three-day stretch that clued me into some inner work that I need to do.

You see, each of these four people responded in almost the exact same way when I voiced my concerns about the enrollment in the program. They all said:

“Well, with this recession and gas prices being so high and food costs going up, people are getting very cautious with their spending.”

I’m still amazed that every one of them used almost the exact same phrasing. It was as if they were reading from a script! (In a way, they were. Read Mark’s email below and you’ll see what I mean).

Now the fact that I had four people voice these fears to me tells me that I’ve got some internal work to do. Apparently, even though I don’t watch the news and only rarely read the paper, on some level, I’ve bought into this whole recession thing.

And obviously, many others have as well. And that brings me to Mark’s email. If you’ve been hearing lots of people around you complaining about the “recession” or gas prices or food prices, or if you’ve been catching yourself complaining about the “recession,” you’ll definitely want to read this.

[Note: The highlights are mine. Also Mark’s offer at the end is only available for another 24 hours (as of this posting) but the information in the email is definitely worth reading anyway!)

After you read Mark’s note, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear how you’ve been responding to this “recession!”

Hey Ed

I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

I sure am – maybe better than I’ve had in a *long* time …

I’ll tell you why in a second. (hehe 🙂

First, there’s something I need to get off my chest before my
head pops off my shoulders.

OK …

I’m really sick of hearing one particular word every time I
turn on the TV.

Bear with me.

No, it’s not “election” or “Iraq.”

This word gets me more worked up than either of those two.

The word I’m talking about is “recession.”

First, don’t you get a sense that most of these “pundits” on TV
don’t really have any clue what they’re talking about?

I mean, not even economists agree on the definition of a
recession, or if it’s even a significant event at all.

Yet, that doesn’t stop the prime time scare-mongers from trying
to strike *fear* into the hearts of me & my family, though,
does it?

I mean, let me digest my meal in peace for Pete’s sake!

Can’t they think of another way to pump up their ratings without
toying with the hopes & dreams of the average Joe?

Ah, anyway … !

I’ll get off my soapbox.

What’s important is this.

When you strip away all of the hype from what is supposed to be
“fact-based news,” there are some things happening that should
cause us all to be a alert.


Not, “so scared out of our wits that we can’t think straight.”

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor who ever lived, recently
revealed at the latest Berkshire shareholders meeting that,
“the worst of the crisis in Wall Street is over.”

Contrast that with the high-drama about a pending “financial
melt-down” the pundits are yammering on about.

Who to listen to? The greatest investor who ever lived or some
TV blow-hards?

Not a hard decision!

Yet, a clever investor is never complacent.

So, that’s why I’m going to spray myself with a whiff or two of
“Recession Repellent.”

Don’t laugh.

This may sound like something silly, but it’s not. Far from it!

Warren Buffett has done it.

Bill Gates has done it.

So has Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and just
about every other billionaire you can name.

So, what is it?

First, you need a little “background” before you can really
understand it.

Sorry if that sounds like “talking down” – it’s not meant to be
at all.

Most people tend to dismiss this at first, but you won’t be so
fool-hardy when you are armed with the following facts.


OK, let’s play a little game.

Can you name a group of people who, year in and year out,
weather the toughest financial storms?

Even if they lose everything these guys can get it *all* back
without breaking a sweat.

They’re not doctors.

They’re not lawyers.

Nope, they’re most definitely not stock-brokers.

Who are they?

Now, promise me you’ll keep reading after I tell you because
you may think this doesn’t apply to you, but it does.

It most certainly does.


OK …

They are “best-selling authors.”

Now, remember your promise!

You’re about to understand why this fact can not only cause an
immediate cash windfall for you now, but also “set up” you and
your family for bedrock stability, year after year, no matter
what happens.

In the next 90 seconds, you’re about to get an education
that has taken others decades to learn. And sadly, some never
get this education at all.

Consider these facts:

FACT: A best-selling author can, because of his or her
celebrity status, get in front of large audiences almost
anywhere in the world, sometimes within hours of picking up
a phone.

One of the most challenging things for any business is to get

Best-selling authors can get instant traffic, any time day or
night, like flipping a switch.

It’s a fact.

FACT: Best-selling authors have “instant trust and credibility”
with their audiences.

Another barrier that holds you hostage from the riches you know
you deserve is “trust.”

You may have a product with more selling power than “instant
hair,” but if no one knows you or trusts you, it just doesn’t

If, however, your message comes from “Best-selling author of …”
vast audiences will stop in their tracks to listen.

FACT: Products from best-selling authors are “pre-sold” so you
can sell without selling.

Let’s face it, no one likes an annoying pushy salesman, and
unfortunately, that’s what most people think the business
world requires.

That just couldn’t be further from the truth.

What happens most often in today’s world is “selling without
selling.” Pre-selling is the name of the game, but most people
just don’t understand how it’s done.

Products from best-selling authors have pre-selling built in
to them, often without the best-selling author understanding
how their products “just seem to keep selling.”

I could probably carry on like this for a few hours and barely
scratch the surface.

People often ask, “If Donald Trump has so much money why does
he keep writing books?”

And now you know why.

Not only does he get a tidy flood of cash from the sale of his
books (and the additional products he sells to his readers), but
he enjoys limitless “ripple effects” that churn more and more
profit out of every nook and cranny.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, it gets better?

What if I told you that *you* could be a best-selling author?

And what if I told you that …

  • you don’t have to have any business experience

(what I’m about to show you has worked for many who just blindly
followed the plan without even understanding it)

  • you don’t have to have a “list”
  • you don’t even have to write a book!

(you’ll laugh – many of the world’s best-selling authors have
never had to put pen to paper even a single time)And what if you could do all of this with minimal cash outlay?

One young man from Singapore, with barely a penny to his name,
followed a similar plan and made 100K (US currency) within weeks.

(you’ll hear his story and others)

Pretty cool, huh?

Now you’ll understand why I’m on such a “natural high” these

Well, it gets even just a little bit better.

This system comes with a high price tag (if you had such a
system that actually *worked* wouldn’t you expect that?), but
if you act quickly, you can get it on a drastically reduced
price with a payment plan that makes it affordable for even
someone on a “minimum wage” budget.

Here’s the link:

Do yourself a favor and at least test this out.

You’ll know instantly after reading that page (it’s actually
fun to read and you’ll learn a ton more) that it’s all on the
“up and up.”

The man who put this together is a well-known 4 time #1
best-selling author who is endorsed by people from legendary
business luminaries to University professors to “work at home
moms” who have followed his advice and turned their lives

It’s backed up by an iron-clad guarantee and they have “assumed
the risk” for you, so you’d be crazy to miss out.

OK, I’ve got to get back to work following this plan myself 🙂

My wish is that both of us, you and me, are best-selling authors
by this time next year.

You game?

It can probably happen a lot sooner (it took one of his students
just 45 days!), but let’s be realistic.

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    2 Responses to “Recession Repellent (Have a Spray or Two)”

    1. Jane on May 12th, 2008 1:05 pm

      Hey Ed,

      I sprayed myself with “recession repellent” a while ago and my sales just keep on increasing. My sales have tripled from last year, and in April, my sales went up another 15% over March. And I still haven’t gotten my marketing act together yet so it’s not due to any great promoting. I’m fully convinced that it is purely what you believe about prosperity and we all can believe whatever we want about whether this so-called recession affects us or not. I skim over the stuff about financial doom and gloom and just keep on telling myself it has nothing to do with me. I’m creating what I want and only good comes to me. And it keeps on coming.

      I remember somthing that Abraham said in one of their workshops. They something like this (major paraphrasing):

      When people are struggling financially, they send out strong desire for more money. So when there’s an economy where there are a lot of people struggling, there’s a lot more asking. There’s a vast amount of money being created vibrationally, and the economy grows stronger through this. But most people are not letting in the money they are creating vibrationally. Instead, they are pinching it off out of fear. The people who aren’t pinching it off and letting it in tend to receive a whole lot more during these times and in turn go on to stimulate the economy even greater. I’m having fun scheduling a vacation, giving money to people I love, and buying all kinds of stuff I wouldn’t let myself buy before. There are tons of people out there doing extremely well financially and spending money all over the place!

      I know that all it will take for you is a little bit of tweaking and you will tap into your huge stream of wealth that you’ve already created. You’re pretty much already there. My wish is for everyone to begin thinking this way and to realize there is nothing to fear.


    2. Edward Mills on May 12th, 2008 4:06 pm

      @Jane: Congratulations Jane!!!!

      And what a great point about “recessions” creating a lot of money. I had not even considered that, but it is so true! There is a lot of money being created through our collective desires, now we just have to consciously choose to be the ones to attract it in the physical world by taking clear, conscious, consistent action!

    Got something to say?