How Deep Are Your Grooves?

Record Player - Personal Growth GroovesI was looking for some music to put on the other day and my eye was drawn to the Steely Dan, Aja, CD. I hadn’t listened to that CD in years and I guess I felt like reminiscing a bit.

This CD was one of my favorites when I was growing. Of course, back then, when it first came out, it was a good ole vinyl record! In fact, it was one of the very first records I ever bought back in the 1970s. (Do you even remember the 19702?)

So I put the CD into the player, push play and start singing along to Black Cow, the first song on the CD. And as the first chorus arrives, I realize I’m expecting a skip in the music.

And I remembered that, soon after getting the album I put a little scratch in it that caused a skip at that first chorus in Black Cow. I listened to that song literally hundreds of times with that skip and, even after more than 30-years, my brain still has that skip hard-wired into its pathways.

It made me realize that, just like the grooves in those old LPs, that our neural grooves run deep and strong.

Now, obviously, a skip in the chorus of a Steely Dan song doesn’t have a big impact on my life. But, if I have a groove that creates a glitch in my ability to save money, that does. Or if I have a groove that causes me to skip over loving comments from friends and partners, that does.

So how deep are your grooves? Not just the old songs, but the old beliefs, many of which hold you back from being the best you can be.

Remember, awareness is the first step to change, so when you catch those old beliefs (deep grooves) causing those “skips” in your life, give thanks for the awareness and know that you are beginning to fill in that groove so that you can create a new, more supportive one!