Healing Emotional Wounds Teleclass from Deborah King and DailyOM

I’m a big fan of “Emotional Healing.” But it wasn’t always that way!

I spent many years trying to heal myself and evolve through mostly intellectual processes. I believed that Iif I could just “figure it all out” I could think myself into enlightenment!

It didn’t work!

Sure, those intellectual processes helped me gain an understanding of my wounds, but they didn’t do much to release the charge of those wounds. And they certainly did not help me transform the negative, self-limiting patterns and habits those wounds were creating in my life.

It was not until I began engaging in some powerful emotional healing processes that my personal development really took off and I truly began to change my life!

And that is why I am thrilled to recommend a new course by Deborah King and the folks at DailyOM called Healing Emotional Wounds.

By now you know that the connection between our emotions and our health and happiness cannot be ignored or denied. I’m sure you know people who appear to be fine on the surface, but who have past traumas running much of their lives from under the surface.

And I’ll give you a hint… We ALL have traumatic experiences from the past running our lives!

So one of the most important steps on the way to a life of true harmony and balance, vibrant health, abundant wealth, and deep relationships, is discovering how to release and heal emotional wounds.
In this on-line course from Deborah King, a noted health and wellness expert, you will learn 8 key lessons to help you recognize and heal your wounds.

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This 8-week course contains powerful lessons that include precise information about how to work with your emotions. Audio guided meditations will take you through the 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body to help you cleanse the emotional wounds from each center. Specific action exercises will give you clear guidance on how to actively recognize and release the wounds that you need to heal in order to fulfill your highest potential in life.

The emotions that we deem too scary or embarrassing don’t just go away. We may try to forget about them through drugs or alcohol, overeating, gambling, shopping therapy, or any other addictive or destructive behavior, but they still don’t go away. We need the courage to face the emotional wounds we have always tried to run from. Although, as Deborah always says to the celebrities she’s worked with, we don’t need to remember or re-experience the original events themselves to do this work.

Deborah King is the author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You (Hay House 2009). She a recognized health & wellness expert, a regular blogger for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and a “healer to the stars,” as well as being an attorney. She makes frequent appearances on national news and entertainment programs, and is known for her insightful and entertaining commentary on the news of the day.

Everyone that enrolls in the course also receives many valuable free bonus gifts including my own Energetics of Attraction Starter Package.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of emotional healing, I would definitely go check out this course from Deborah King and DailyOM.

Click here to Heal Your Emotional Wounds