Michael Phelps Did It Now It’s Your Turn

Well, he did it. 8 gold medals in 8 races for Michael Phelps. A truly amazing accomplishment.

And the beautiful thing is that all of us benefit from his performance. Every time Michael stood up on that gold medal platform, he reminded us that anything is possible.

But the interesting thing is that a lot of people will talk about Michael’s accomplishment and miss the true value of it. They’ll say how great Michael is and how amazing his performance was.

And then thoughts such as: “Yeah, but he’s special,” or, “I could never do that,” or “Some people are just born talented,” will prevent them from receiving the massive potential benefits of Michael’s work. They’ll miss out on the core message of the Olympic Games and the opportunity to apply it to their own life.

What’s that message?

That anything is truly possible.

s Michael Phelps special? Absolutely.

But guess what… So are you!

If these Olympic Games have awakened you to your greatness they have served their purpose. If the accomplishments of these amazing athletes – and they ALL are amazing athletes! – have inspired you to “go for it,” whatever that “it” might be, then these games have been successful.

Contrary to what NBC might have you believe, the purpose of these games is not to have you sitting around spending more time on your butt in front of the TV!

The purpose is to get you inspired to go out and reach for YOUR dreams!

The worst thing that can come out of these games is this: “Well I’ll never compete at the Olympics so why should I even bother trying?”

How many of you have heard or thought something like that before?

For most of us, the point of our lives is not about competing at the Olympics. Our purpose is not to break Michael‘s record.

The point of your life is to do something that moves you in the direction of a dream. Whatever YOUR dream might be.

If your dream is to swim competitively, go out and join a Masters Swim program. If your dream is to perform in musical theater, go out and audition for a local community theater performance. If your dream is to write a novel, start writing!

Michael Phelps didn’t achieve his dream by just dreaming about it! And he certainly didn’t get to the Olympics by sitting on his butt all day!

He went out and did something.

Now it’s your turn!

What is your dream?

And what are you going to do about it?

Remember the words of Henry David Thoreau:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

It’s time to put away the tired excuses: “I’m too old.” “I’m too young.” “I don’t have time.” “I don’t know how.” “I can’t!”

Put those lame excuses away. Excuses don’t get you to your dreams!

Look, you may never stand on the gold medal platform at the Olympic Games. But that’s not the point!

You’ve got a personal gold medal platform waiting for you. And only you can decide what the requirements are to stand on that platform!

Rediscover your dream and then go out and move confidently in the direction of that dream.

You’ll know when you’ve gotten that gold medal. You’ll feel it. And while there may not be millions of people watching you get that gold medal placed on around your neck, YOU”LL know that you did it!

And that knowledge will move you even more confidently towards your next dream!

So let’s congratulate Michael Phelps! And let’s thank him, and all the Olympians, for inspiring us to go for OUR gold!

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