Enlightened Warrior Training: Whatever It Takes

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for the 5-day Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. I’ve been waiting for this one for almost a year! (Actually it’s been 2 1/2 years since I first heard about it and wanted to go, and about 8-months since I signed up for it at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in San Francisco).

This camp is all about the warrior energy: The energy of Whatever It Takes.

This is an energy that many Deliberate Creators lack or access inconsistently. I’ll be the first to admit that my results have definitely reflected an inconsistent connection to this energy. And I’m thrilled about the prospect of connecting more fully to this Warrior energy and integrating it more consistently into the Deliberate Creation of my awesome life!

Much of the Warrior Energy begins with clear, strong, desire. Napoleon Hill called it a Burning Desire: A desire that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve?

What is your burning desire? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to attract your dreams and desires into your life? Do you have a vision that is so compelling that you are ready to devote yourself to it completely?

Or are you a bit ADD when it comes to your desires? Do you jump from one to the next to the next? Do you give up after the first setback, or the second or the third?

The Warrior does not give up.

The Warrior energy is exemplified by Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream that he was willing to do whatever it took – even giving up his life – to achieve it.

Thomas Edison leveraged Warrior energy when he went through over 10,000 “failures” to discover the filament material that would enable electricity to become an integral part of our world.

Michael Phelps demonstrated Warrior energy by doing whatever it took -years of training – to achieve something many thought was impossible.

When have you felt Warrior Energy in your life? When have you been so focused on achieving a goal that you were willing to do whatever it took?

What, if anything, prevents you from embodying that energy consistently? What would it take to live your life as an Enlightened Warrior?

I’m sure I’ll have a LOT more to share with you about the Enlightened Warrior training after I return!

And, if you think you might be interested in going to one of next summer’s camps, I recommend that you get yourself to one of Peak Potential’s Millioniare Mind Intensives. The information you learn at MMI will provide a great foundation for the Warrior training. Plus, they offer a hugely discounted price on the Warrior Training when you register at MMI.